Work experience

Work experience

Engagement & Retention – Leveraging "want to" instead of "can do" into performance and productivity

- Helping managers and staff transition in, within, and out of organizations. 

- Helping organizations engage and retain their employees.

Successful transitions at all levels of  organizational life go hand-in-hand with the health and success of a profit or nonprofit business.

• Large companies  • SME’s  • Merger and Acquisition consultants

• Hiring – internal and external  • VC’s  • Leaders of management teams

Engagement and retention are related to sales, customer satisfaction, productivity, as well as trust and security in the workforce.

Core Service:  Mapping the individual essential motivation pattern of employees to increase the engagement and retention of staff with application to Consulting, Needs Analysis, Interviews, Reports, Support, Coaching.


(Employer)  you can make big plans because you have a workforce of only loyal, highly motivated employees, working creatively towards your business goals.

(Employee)  you love your work because you have a boss who understands what you need to work at your very best … and gives it to you.

(Investor) you can relax, because you know, without a doubt, that the management team is committed to maximizing your return on investment.

(Recruiter) you feel confident because you know how to precisely identify the person who can not only do the job, but who will never want to leave.

(Entrepreneur) you can dream because you know exactly who can most effectively help you realize your vision, and you know how to get the very best out of them.

Economic and demographic trends are forcing organizations to respond to changing circumstances both within and outside their corporate environments more often and quickly. Frequent transitions are the new normal.

Responding to the following Challenges

Internal pressures for organizations : Job losses, corporate restructuring, succession planning, financial uncertainty.

External pressures for organizations :  shortage of qualified workers, increasing competition from China and other countries, aging workforce, shifting government priorities, technological change.

Large companies – high turnover of staff, key performer no longer performing, can’t hire suitable staff, need commitment from the management team...

SME’s – need new key people, no clarity of roles in team...

M&A firms – need to demonstrate commitment of mgmt teams to buyers…

Recruiters – retention issues, wrong hires, need to understand what they are hiring for ….

VC’s - no confidence in mgmt team….

Leaders of management teams – no clarity of roles, no sense of common purpose, communication challenges undermining team effectiveness …

Employees – can do but not really motivated, moved to a different role and can’t adapt …


Beyond pay and benefits, there are key success factors that energize and motivate employees at work.  Without a clear picture of their motivational pattern, the risk of de-motivating employees is much higher.

Mapping motivational patterns of employees can :

• Increase productivity because employees perform at their highest level when their internal motivators are satisfied.

• Increased retention because employees recognized a fit between their job duties and internal motivators.

• Help managers place employees into the right job, for the right reasons, at the right time.

• Help managers develop an honest and authentic dialogue with subordinates in order to support their internal motivators.

1993 - Present

Transition Specialist

2007 - Present

Career Coach


Provide 1-on-1 career coaching services to MBA graduates from online programs, including University of Phoenix, Devry/Keller Graduate School of Management, and Jack Welch Executive MBA, Strayer University.





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