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Microsoft Excel
Extensive experience creating appropriate graphs, charts, and tables from research and statistical data. Basic knowledge of organizing and formulating data using spreadsheets.
Advanced musician specializing in the flute in a variety of styles: concert, march, jazz, and pep.  Playing of the instrument requires precise hand eye coordination to read music while pressing the correct keys with all five finger of both hands. 
Cell Culture
Cultivation of adherent cells from a frozen vial state in petri plates and flasks using. Subculturing adherent cells with the use of tripsin. Utilizing fluorescence techniques to detect cell viability.
Korean Language
Native speaker of the Korean language.  Also able to read and write the language.  


Seeking research position in the biomedical field that effectively integrates library research, patient procedures/observation/care and laboratory techniques to expand the current knowledge of science and contribute to the growth and improvement of healthcare.


Oral health:

Dental and periodontal sciences and care


-The induction of apoptosis in Cyclosporine A induced hyperplasia and human gingival tissue.

-The growth and development of public aid dental care to under-served populations.

Work experience

Sep 2010Mar 2011

Impact Team Member

Hollister Co.

Sorting and prepping items of clothing while also restocking the shelves at the pace in whichshoppers purchased their goods.

Enhanced my time management and memorization skills in a high pace work environment.

Developed precise and quick hand eye coordination skills through folding.

May 2007Aug 2010


Dairy Queen

Developed leadership skills though designating taskes for the team and traiing new employees.

Developed extensive mechanical and technical repairing skills.

Contributed to growing sales consequtively during the years of employment.

Learned to properly make decisions when faced with customer complaints and distruptive customers.


Aug 2009Present

Bachelors in Science

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Anita Joy

Assistant Professor/ Section Head at School of Dental Medicine - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Ph. D., Rush University, degree in Anatomy and cell biology

Previously a faculty (instructor) at M.S. Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital

Previously a general dental practitioner

Stephen Johnson

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Received his DDS from University of Illinois Dental School

Received undergraduate education at Knox College

Jason Williams

Ph. D., Miami University

Paul Wanda

B.A., Knox College, Degree in Physics, 1973

M.S., Penn State University, Degree in Biophysics, 1975

Ph. D., Penn State University, Degree in Biophysics, 1978