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Work experience

Feb 2007Aug 2008

Rock Group

Wasak Cracker
  • Position: Drums and Background vocal
  • Released Single and a Full-length Album
  • Performing in Live Clubs in Hong Dae
  • Private concert in Sin Cheon in 2007
Aug 2006Aug 2007

Korea Pan Handlers
  • The member of Korea Pan Handlers
  • Performing Percussions
  • Join Events and Concerts in 2007
Feb 2006Jan 2007

TV Drama "Sharp #"

  • Role: Kim Hee Chel Band
  • Position: Drummer
  • Record: Sound tracks
May 2006Jan 2007

Drums Instructor

Bar Line Academy

Instructing major  and amateur students 

Jul 2004Jul 2004


AMCF World Conference
  • Band "F.O.L" concert
  • Position: Drums and Singing
  • Clinic for playing the drums for CCM songs

Wasak Creaker Albums


Aug 2010Present


Woodbury University


Studying Business
Currently Studying Business Management
Performing the Drums


The groovy sounds of kicks, snares and hi-hats enticed me more than anything when I was a child. Introduced to drums by my parents, the instrument quickly became my best friend that I would beat to death every day. More in love with two sticks than books, my musical journey consisted of life changing opportunities. From performing in church band to forming various bands of my own, I made a gradual entrance the field of music. In the summer of 2008, I left South Korea and flew to London in pursuit of further musical education.  My musical mentor had been living in London at the time and suggested that I study abroad in London which offered prestigious music institutes. It rang as a great opportunity for me not only to polish my musical abilities but also to witness and explore other parts of the world. I continued my musical education there, attending Tech Music School, the best music institute in Europe. I dedicated every day of my life to drums and my direction in life seemed so certain until one night, when I was involved in a car accident that permanently injured my right arm, and left me unable to play percussions professionally. Everything that I had worked toward, have invested into and strived for were destroyed in a matter of minutes by cruel fate, and I was distraught. Lost in anger and depression, my life looked hopeless and broken. Not long after however, I came across an opportunity to participate in missionary work and travel around the world. I deemed it a great chance for self discovery and self reparation, so I packed my bags once again and headed for lands of the unfortunate. Travelling from Mongolia to China, I witnessed the rampant inequality and the sorrows of countless orphans resulting from flawed laws that neglected women. The contrasting living conditions across the globe hit me so profoundly that my issues seemed trivial. As my missionary work neared its end, the fire within me that had once been extinguished were lit again and I was ready to pursue my new found goal. I returned to South Korea and began to work under my father who was running a large company at the time that contributed heavily from its earnings to charity organizations. I was eager to part take in my father’s work in helping the less fortunate and through multiple discussions with my father it became clear to me what skills I needed to acquire in order achieve my goals. In pursuit of higher education, I relocated to Los Angeles to study Business/Management. By honing my skills in business/management, I seek to build successful a non-profit organization to help the starving and the diseased overseas. I once dreamed of spreading love and peace through sound, and my path looks to have remained unchanged after all. Only, I have switched my instrument of choice.


Winter Sports

  • Ski
  • Snow Board
  • Ice Skating


Aug 2009Jun 2010

Tech Music School

Drum Tech
Aug 2008Jun 2009

International House in London

English Language Institute
Jun 2004Sep 2004

The Collective

Drummers Collective