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Work experience

Oct 2005Present

Class Teacher & ICT Lead Teacher for Nursery- Primary 2

Shelly Park School

Classroom Teacher:

  • Nursery - Primary 4

e-Learning Specialist / Eastnet Cluster Contract Lead Teacher (2 Management Units):

  • one day release (2009)
  • three days release (2010)
  • In class support - teaching and learning and technical support
  • Facilitating Professional Development sessions, staff meetings and skill-building workshops
  • Beginning Teacher/Student Teacher Professional Development support
  • Lead teacher for school (2009 & 2010)
  • Collaborate as a team member of 4 lead teachers (2009) - Led a team of 6 teachers (2010)
  • Parent information evenings - beginning of the year, Cybersafety, Blogging in education
  • Computer Monitors - upskilling 2 children from each of the 8 Junior Classes (Nursery - Primary 2)
  • Administrator for Mathletics; New Zealand's premier Online Learning Management System KnowledgeNET and Super Clubs Plus (Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety)
  • Organised visits to other Schools for staff members to have an opportunity to see effective and integrated eLearning and Inquiry Learning in practice at their appropriate year level
  • ICT Curriculum team member (2006-2010)
  • Think Tank team member developing, trialling and resourcing our whole school Inquiry Learning Model (2008-2009)

Elected Board of Trustees Staff Repesentative (2008-2010):

  • Attended BOT meetings
  • Prepared monthly staff reports - consulted staff, made submissions on the behalf of individuals/groups, included summaries of important school-wide/year level events with supporting evidence
  • Prepared annual staff report - summary of each month's report
  • Participated in Education Review Office Consultation (2009)
  • Completed annual Equal Opportunities Audit for Staff Employment (2008, 2009)

Associate Teacher:

  • NZ Trained Teachers - two 3rd year BEd student teachers, one from Auckland College of Education and the other from Massey University (2008); 1st year BEd student teacher from Auckland University (2007)

Tutor Teacher:

  • 2nd year Beginning Teacher (2009)
  • Timetabled Professional Development and observations
  • Conducted observations - feedback and feed forward
  • Planning and classroom support

Enhanced Programme (2009-2010):

  • Participated in training & implementing of the Let's Go Programme by Jenny Andrew - this is a combination of Occupational Therapy, BrainGym and Perceptual Motor Programmes
  • On-going assessment of high-needs children
  • Dyslexia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder - worked in collaboration with Private Therapists for individuals within my class, liasing with feeder Nurseries to enable successful transitions for individuals with special needs into Primary 1
  • Implemented timetables

Gifted and Talented Extension Groups:

  • Junior Computer Monitors 'Digikidz' (2010)
  • Website Design (2007) - Primary 4 children
  • Powerpoint Presentations, Digital Learning Centres (2006) - Primary 3 children

Technology Curriculum Team (2010):

  • Contributed to Team Meetings
  • Completed inventory, updated resource database, consulted staff, ordered new resources to support learning 
  • Prepared team planning each year during our Technology focus and organised resources for staff and children

Music Curriculum Team (2007, 2009-2010):

  • Contributed to Team Meetings
  • Completed inventory, updated resource database, consulted staff, ordered new resources to support learning 
  • Prepared team planning each Term related to the current theme of study and organised resources for staff and children
  • Demonstrated good practice in team teaching situations
  • Contributed to and shared the Music Report with the Board of Trustees

PE Curriculum Team (2009):

  • Contributed to the review of the annual Action Plan
  • Contributed to each Term's planning for the team.
  • Developed and shared resources for swimming teaching with Junior School teachers
  • Junior Swimming Carnival 2009 - Co-planned the event, explained WALTs to children and parents for each event

Science Curriculum Team (Term 4, 2009):

  • Attended the Budget meeting at the end of the year and made a submission for funds to purchase a Digital Microscope for the school to be used in the Junior School's theme 'In the Garden' learning about minibeasts and their environment

Drama Curriculum Team (2006):

  • Contributed to Team Meetings
  • Completed inventory, updated resource database, consulted staff, ordered new resources to support learning 
  • Re-located Drama resources to a more accessible location within the school
  • Coordinated the construction of a resources cupboard for Dance and Drama resources in the School Hall
  • Contributed to and shared Drama Report with the Board of Trustees

Class Teacher & Whole School ICT Coordinator

Papatoetoe Central School

Newly Qualified Teacher (2003 - 2004):

  • Primary 5 and 6

School-wide ICT Coordinator:

  • Half day release per week (2004-2005)

Associate Teacher:

  • NZ Trained Teachers - Post-Graduate Student Teacher (2005)

Tutor Teacher:

  • Supported a 2nd Year Beginning Teacher (2005)
  • Timetabled PD and observations
  • Conducted observations - feedback and feed forward
  • Planning and classroom support

ICT Curriculum Team (2004-2005):

  • Forming and implementing the schoolwide ICT Development Plan
  • Lighting and audio for School Assemblies and Senior School Production
  • Filmed and edited School Production using iMovie, DVD copies sold to parents and family members as a school fundraiser

Senior Children Responsibilities (2003-2005):

  • Organised rotational termly timetables for Senior Responsibilities
  • Organised and accompanied 8 children to represent the school and attend the Top Schools Rotary Club Fun Day
  • Contributed to selection of children for enhanced programmes

School Camp:

  • Planning and running school Camp at Snell's Beach and Carey Park (2003 - 2005)
  • Acted in a teacher's skit

Peer Mediation:

  • Responsible for training Mediators
  • Organising timetables and uniforms
  • Implementing a whole school caught being good reward scheme

After-school Classes:

  • Organised and ran Term long classes in Homework and ICT (2004-2005)

Music Curriculum Team:

  • Cataloguing resources
  • Preparing music and lyrics for school assemblies
  • Instrumental group - small group of children performed to parents using percussion instruments

PE Curriculum Team:

  • Gymnastics - Training for Primary 4-6
  • Accompanied teams to competitions representing the school



George Watson's College

1995Higher Grade -

History                                      B




SCOTVEC - Small Scale Theatre Productions

1994Higher Grade -





1993Standard Grade -

Art and Design2






My Presentations

Personal Characteristics

Written References





Teaching Philosophy

Within this section I have created links to digital examples which demonstrate my teaching philosophy in practise in my classroom and within both schools I have been permanently employed in.  Underlined text identifies links to examples - please click the text to view.

I believe that ‘A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit’(Hebrew Proverb)and to assist each individual to reach their full potential and achieve success the teacher should motivate and support to ensure accurate awareness of current achievement and next steps in learning thus bridging the gap between new and existing knowledge: ‘Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch’ (Droke in McMeel Teachers Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes 2005).

Creating a purposeful learning environment involves providing children with opportunities to question, challenge, take risks and extend their thinking, ideas and beliefs.A key aspect in empowering children is actively involving them in their learning and fostering the development of skills and capabilities for learning to learn.Learning becomes more focused when outcomes are shared and the intent of an activity is clear.Awareness of the purpose behind a task can be developed with children identifying assessment criteria to measure their degree of understanding.Self and peer assessment provide valuable insight and important evidence for planning and sharing with parents and other professionals.I believe children have unlimited potential and that setting high standards in learning and behaviour, with appropriate scaffolding, encourages children to strive to achieve their goals. Deliberate acts of teaching combined with effective feedback and feed forward increases allow children to accurately identify their next learning steps.

Every child has the right to feel safe and happy at school.Forming shared classroom rules and consequences and displaying this agreement supports the development of integrity, responsibility and sense of justice.Fostering teamwork assists children to develop strong social skills.

I firmly believe in forming good relationships with parents, caregivers and other professionals.Close communication and cooperation with others is vital for every child.Children, teachers and families working together can be very powerful. I approach other professionals with a smile because positivity encourages successful team situations.A supportive and effective team member can lead by example; offer others examples of planning and assessment; ideas and opportunities for observation; guidance in school policy; appropriate feedback as well as being approachable, flexible and helpful: ‘When teachers find out what other teachers are doing, that’s truly exciting.We can learn from each other’(Holtschlag in Sennett: Teacher of the Year).

I thrive on learning new things and seek continued professional development.I am particularly passionate about integrating eLearning into the classroom and the possibilities it offers for connecting, collaborating and creating.Each day provides new challenges and opportunities for me to achieve what I ask from the children I teach: know what you are learning, continue to learn, take risks, challenge new knowledge and yourself and enjoy every minute of it. ‘The complexity of teaching is a challenge worthy of the greatest efforts and dedication.No two days are the same.Each day I laugh at something; some days I cry’(Forman in Sennett: Teacher of the Year).


Brian Rolfe

Principal, Shelly Park School

00 64 9 535 8784

Jill McClenaghan

Associate Principal, Shelly Park School

00 64 9 535 8784 2 714

Belinda Johnston

Eastnet Cluster Facilitator, Elm Park School

00 64 9 577 0070

Susan Fidler

Associate Principal, Papatoetoe Central School

00 64 9 278 7557

Professional Development





  • ULearn Conference
  • TUANZ Conference
  • Smartboard training
  • KnowledgeNET training
  • Young Picassos Course 1 (Fundamentals of Painting & Drawing - abstract)
  • Young Picassos Course 2 (Fundamentals of Painting & Drawing - Representational)
  • Using AsTTle in report writing
  • Swimming coaching in-school training



  • Jill Eggleton Reading and Writing techniques
  • PE Contract - invasion games


  • Strategies for improving children's comprehension of transactional text structures
  • Cool Schools Peer Mediation
  • Introduction to Smartboard
  • Apple iSchools, Hamilton


  • Cross comprehensive first aid certificate (renewed 2010)
  • Using running records appropriately - Probe

Personal Objective - I am learning to...

I believe in the importance of teamwork and am a dynamic, conscientious worker with high standards.I am committed and passionate about activating the learning process so children are empowered to know their level of achievement, assess progress and identify next steps.It is an exciting time to be involved in Education, with advances in information and communication technologies, a focus on inquiring and higher order thinking and the flexibility of the Curriculum for Excellence.I am enthusiastic and professional, passionate about eLearning and above all strive to meet the many challenges offered in Primary Teaching.


  • eLearning in Education - inspiring, striving, connecting, global citizenship, digital citizenship and cybersafety, cooperation and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Inquiry learning and developing Higher Order thinking - purpose, questioning, creating, reflecting, evaluating, shift in thinking.
  • Fitness - I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle including horse riding, ski-ing, aerobics, regular sessions at the Gym and outdoor activities with my family.
  • Expressive Arts - I often patronise the theatre and have a love for music (I play piano at Grade 5 level, flute at Grade 6 level and recorder) and I enjoy attending Concerts. 
  • I am very fortunate to have a beautiful family.  My husband and I are very proud of our twins, Caitlin and Ryan, who are nearly five years old.  I have spent the past 6 years working part-time which has allowed me to continue to develop professionally within my career whilst spending quality time with my children.  Living in New Zealand for the last 10 years has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I have grown as a person and become more self-sufficient, independent and resourceful.  It is now time for us to return to Scotland and spend time with family and close friends.  It is important to me that my children experience a British lifestyle and we are all looking forward to living in Europe.  Now that my children are starting school I would like to be involved in their Education as a supportive parent and hope that any insights I gain will also benefit the children I am teaching.

Passionate about eLearning

I am passionate about eLearning.New technologies can invite creative conversations and offer opportunities to collaborate and make connections which span the Globe.Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can effectively personalise learning to allow children to develop skills to continue to learn throughout life.Effective teaching equips children with the essential skills to access and compile information to become informed and engaged learners.

I believe that the Curriculum for Excellence supports a change in teaching from passive content transfer to active participation.  Learning can truly be tailored to suit individual needs through assessment for learning and the flexibility of a Curriculum where values, competencies and outcomes vary depending on the needs of the children.With access to a variety of technologies and inspiring teaching is very powerful.

Children today are digital natives who can spend hours outside school interacting with different ICTs.eLearning offers endless possibilities to be creative and differentiate learning with audio, visual and animated media.  Through sharing work on the Internet, children can interact with an audience and receive feedback on their efforts and achievements.It is not just teachers who can offer acknowledgement and next steps but peers, parents and extended family.  In addition, educators can keep learning and support one another by networking online to share ideas and experiences.

Successful eLearning requires a commitment of time and energy to up-skill staff and children in essential programs.Digital classrooms can allow incidental learning of important skills through integrated planning and teaching.However, as many schools are still working hard to provide all staff and children with equitable access to recources, specific teaching of skills can help to make the best use of available technologies.I pursued an Action Research project, the findings of which can be viewed on my professional wikispace, exploring the positive effect of peer support in eLearning for children and teachers.

Above all I accept and embrace change and strive to develop professionally to enable children to achieve success in their learning through innovative and creative approaches and situations.