Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2008 - Jul 2010

Staff Training Specialist - Customer Service

Animal Humane Society

I started my career at the Animal Humane Society as a weekend part time position. In the 2 years that I was with this non-profit organization I was promoted three times. My last title allowed me to work for all five locations in the organization working closely with the staff to train them in the area of customer service.

Design-wise this organization has given me the opportunity to do some freelance work for them and develop new pieces to promote our new brand and create consistency within all five of our locations.

Jan 2003 - Jul 2008


Band Management

If you’ve ever worked in the music industry you understand the weight of adding artist management to my resume. Working with these bands delegated my time to scheduling, communication, learning the ins and outs of social media and marketing, and over all patience, organization, and the ability to learn very quickly.

Notable experience with:

  • booking and scheduling events
  • planning and hosting release parties and events
  • tour management
  • flyer design
  • cd project design and production
  • new media and marketing (online venues such as facebook, myspace, purevolume, etc)
  • press kit creation, design, and production
  • distribution and market shopping
  • press release writing and utilization
  • merchandise design and ordering (as well as extensive knowledge of screen printing)
Jun 2006 - Jun 2008


The Sound Complex

Design & Recording Studio

- managed all operations staff and current projects

- created and implemented marketing and advertising projects for the company

- created and implementing branding campaign (can be seen in my portfolio)

- consulted with clients and designed and assigned projects accordingly

Jun 2006 - Jun 2008

Senior Designer

The Design Scene

Design Studio branch of The Sound Complex (specializing in the music industry)

- senior designer

- managed other designers within the company

- created designs for parent company

- hired junior designers and freelance artists

- consulted with customers and developed designs for single projects and completed campaigns

Mar 2006 - Jun 2008


MGA Graphics

- created designs for ad specialties products (t-shirts, giveaways, billboards, packaging, etc)

- created website designs for the company's internal and external customers

Some of the companies I worked for through MGA Graphics include:

- Coleman

- C & A Pro

- Mankato Public Schools

I started The Design Scene and later on, The Sound Complex under MGA Graphics but still did freelance work for them for the duration of their business.

Sep 2005 - Apr 2006

Junior Designer

Vision Van Gogh

- worked on typography projects

- created images and brands for musicians

- created brands and marketing campaigns for local radio stations

- consulted with clients and managed packaging projects

I started at Vision Van Gogh as an intern while I was still attending Brown College. After my internship was complete i was offered a job and came on to the company full time until my move to Mankato to work with MGA Graphics.


Aug 2004 - Apr 2006

Visual Communications

Brown College



Windows Platform

Macintosh Platform

Digital Photography


Adobe InDesign

CS, CS2, CS3, and dabbling in CS4

Adobe Illustrator

CS, CS2, CS3, and dabbling in CS4

Adobe Photoshop

CS, CS2, CS3, and dabbling in CS4


Since I can even remember I've always ogled billboards, stopped to watch commercials, and been madly in love with the relationship between art and advertising. The ability to use art and words to make people feel a certain way is one of the most mesmerizing concepts to me.

I have dabbled, excelled, and conquered in so many areas of creativity thus far in my life and career that I have a hard time producing a resume focused on just one talent and or passion. My work and passion in the field is just an extension of me, simple as that. But I'm not a simple person – I write, design, create, produce, direct, manage, promote, and market. I have worked in the music industry for nearly ten years now (driving the need to dabble, excel, and conquer all of the aforementioned talents.) I am interested in nearly everything I come across and have professionally lent myself to career opportunities in music design and marketing, typography, print design, web design, and most recently creative writing. I havent done it all, like some self proclaimers, but I have given it a shot and I’m excited to earn that title some day.

Oh and also, some day I would like to take over the world, but thats just a long term goal.


- typography

- print design

- web design

- marketing

- music business

- non profit organizations

- new opportunities


I am looking to find a career in the advertising, marketing, and creative field. I have worked hard to learn and grow as a designer and am looking for a company that is just as excited and passionate about the potentials of creative media as I am.

Although I have not worked full time in the field since 2008, I have continued to work on my freelance projects and keep up with my skills so I would be ready to jump back into my work