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A passionate networker with skills in gathering information from people and media, and rarely has a deep conversation without mentioning music, technology, or science fiction literature. Over the past decade, Mike Zawitkowski has helped over 1,000 companies to leverage technology to increase exposure and revenue.

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

VP / Marketing

Keith McMillen Instruments

Our small Berkeley company produces innovative technology for music performance that is both innovative and stage-worthy.At the NAMM Conference, Keith McMillen was called a "mad scientist," and voted "company to watch out for," during the "Best in Show" presentation of the Batt-O-Meter and SoftStep.

I address issues that affect the growth of the sales or brand value, including customer service, product development, B2B and distributor/partner relations, import/export shipping procedures, branding, social networking, and administrative systems that enable us to more effectively bring our products to market.

The products vary widely in markets and approach: The K-Bow Bluetooth bow and emitter hardware/software suite for bowed stringed instruments ($3,000-$5,000); The StringPort polyphonic hardware interface for guitar and strings, plus software modules ($500 and up), The Softstep foot controller with sensor key technology ($289), and the Batt-O-Meter musician's battery tester ($34.95). 

May 2008Dec 2008

Business Development

Elative Marketing
Elative Marketing was established by Kyung Min and I in response to the many marketing, design, and social media inquiries we received from entities we met while establishing the Addo Label. We soon teamed up with developer Rob Sanchez, and offered a wide variety of services including website design, back-end CMS, blog design and setup, marketing projects using social media tools, and a wide variety of consulting. My main responsibilities focused on research and relationships. As a researcher, I investigated the best ways to operate and grow as a business, including tools, licenses, taxes, business administrative systems, strategic partnerships and affiliations, lead pools worth mining for new customers, tools to use internally and to offer to customers, and services we could offer in niche markets to make the company more valuable. Relationships involved communicating with potential customers, affiliates, partnerships, and administrative and financial professionals to help set up our business and keep the designers and developers busy.
Mar 2008Dec 2008

Web Producer

Flowgram Inc.
Flowgram is a next-generation screencast platform and social network, enabling people to create rich media presentations and share them with others. My continuously expanding responsibilities at Flowgram fell into three categories: USER RELATIONS focused on customer service and the quality of our current users experienced. I assisted daily in responding via email, forum or blog posts. We warmly welcomed user feedback, and tried within 2 hours to respond with solutions. We would also quantify, codify and relay important info from individual and survey feedback to the development team. I also updated our forum, blog, FAQ and "tips" pages at least once a week. Lastly, I created tutorial videos to teach users how to get the most out of Flowgram. USER ACQUISITION was primarily marketing, including research into market segments, direct communication with potential users, and supporting the internal promotional efforts as well as those of our public relations firm. The promotional aspect consisted of communicating with press and bloggers interested in featuring Flowgram, and also creating Flowgram presentations that would be of interest to one of the press contacts our PR company pitched stories to on a weekly basis. UA also involved direct marketing to users of social media tools similar to Flowgram, while walking the fine line between quality messages that follow netiquette and anti-spam codes of conduct, and achieving a high enough volume and conversion rate to make the efforts worthwhile. NON-USER TESTS & REQUESTS meant testing newly developed features before and after release, identifying not only bugs but usability issues and extra features worth implementing. I wrote the test protocol we followed for QA on multiple platforms and browsers. We also conducted various usability studies and pilot programs.
Sep 2006Mar 2008

Client Relations Specialist

IRIS Distribution

• Educated and guided personnel from over 600 independent record labels on the digital landscape. • Collaborated with departments to secure clients retail and consumer marketing features • Embraced, developed, then taught new software and systems to IRIS staff and clients (Twiki, Daylite, etc.) • Assisted in launch, development, and sales of sister PR company, BlinkerActive

Jun 2000Mar 2008

Music & Audio Consultant

Advised various clients on production issues pertaining to music and audio, especially post, live events and touring, and digital distribution channels. The most common questions were in regards to copyrights and legal issues; reviewing a record and distribution deals for concerns before signing, acquiring rights to use music within creative, legal, and financial constraints; and identifying the best available tools for digital distribution of a project.
Oct 2006Mar 2007

Marketing/Sales Rep

Music Lovers Audio
• Advised clients on high end audio needs, in stores, homes and clients' businesses • Interfaced with installation team, sales staff, and client for custom solutions • Designed and executed marketing campaigns on product, store, and company levels

Editor-in-Chief | The Groove Student Newspaper

Berklee College of Music
• Responsible for bi-monthly production of 4,000 copies of the 12-page tabloid sized college paper. • Managed four paid staff and two dozen volunteer contributors. • Assisted with graphics design, copy-editing, writing, fact-checking, research, legal issues, and budgeting.


Lawrence E. Bethune

"In all this endeavors, Mike works hard, shows true commitment, and strives to do the best he can; and his best is extraordinary."