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Work experience

Director Security / Networks / Telecommunications


Director ECMS


FIT Director - Western Region


FIT Supervisor / Manager


Automated Logistics Specialist

US Army




Western Governors University


Hawaii Pacific University


Accomplished management professional with nearly 20 years of management experience including 8 years dedicated to IT management. Accustomed to leading teams in multiple geographic areas including international locations. Well versed in working with internal and external customers, as well as suppliers, to achieve company goals. Vast experience dealing with negotiations relating to desktop hardware/software procurement, network equipment, telecommunications contracts, and security related concerns. Skilled in handling resource management to ensure the task at hand is completed in a timely manner. Currently working on improving skills in project management


Team Building
I understand that a leader is only as good as the personnel he/she  works with. A leader needs to provide subordinates with the training they require to be more successful. I understand and fully support this notion. I make sure that all personnel receive any and all training required. I also realize that training comes in many forms and doesn't necessarily need to be offiste. Training can be conducted through on the job training, webinars, books, etc...I work with each employee to determine the best training method suited for each person. Additionally, I ensure that all members of the departement realize that we're not simply coworkers; we're a team. Coworkers can accomplish a lot -- a TEAM can accomplish more. Only through teamwork can all tasks be accomplished.
Budgeting / Finance
Due to the every changing world of technology,  IT Management requires someone with the ability to forecast budgeting requirements. I'm very familiar with CAPEX forecasting and adjusting budgetary requirements as necessary. I understand the importance of balancing the companies technological needs with its fiscal requirements.
Unfazed by the decision making process. I take the necesary time to analyze all potential scenarios prior to making a decision. When I make a decision, I stand by it and see it through to its ultimately successful completion.
Strategic Planning
Advanced experience in strategic planning. Recently led the initiative to research, purchase, and implement a long term security objective for our company.
Fundamentally sound leader with a proven and verifiable trach record.