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Dr. Keith Nemec


Dr. Keith Nemec doesn’t only involve himself with the healing process of his patients at the Total Health Institute. He also holds classes to help patients value the fact that they have the knowledge and capability to get well and stay well. His classes at the Total Health Institute are based on the latest scientific research on natural healthcare and alternative medicine. He has co-authored a number of works with his wife Laurie Nemec, which include: Total Health = Wholeness A Body, Mind and Spirit Manual; The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health Study Guide; The Perfect Diet From A Macronutrient Perspective; and The Cellular Environment of Health and Disease.

Dr. Keith Nemec is a board certified Diplomat with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Furthermore, he was awarded a Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Keith Nemec is an alternative healthcare doctor whose specialization is on metabolic functional medicine and nutrition, which he has practiced for the last 32 years. He also holds board certification in Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

In the selfless pursuit of excellence in his chosen field, performs research that can equip him to further help his patients at the Total Health Institute enjoy the most revolutionary methods employed in alternative total body healing all over the planet. Dr. Nemec focuses on the treatment of the underlying cause of illness and health problems, as well as changing the internal biochemical cellular environment. This brings about sustained healing in place of simply treating the effects, which are just the conditions, symptoms and the disease itself.

Dr. Keith Nemec has designed the Total Health Institute to offer both outpatient treatment and teaching programs, as well as an inpatient healing facility offering one to six weeks of intensive healing programs for people who want to home in on the root causes of their health problems and ailments.