Work History

Work experience
Sep 2010 - Present

H.R. Generalist

My activities cover a full range of H.R. Management:

  • recruitment
  • organization
  • budgeting
  • salary reviews
  • MBO and career planning
  • labor relation
  • training and development
  • project management for the H.R.
  • office computerization
  • internal communication

I directly report to the S.W. Europe H.R. Manager 

Mar 2010 - Mar 2010

Lecturer during the seminar about “Decision Theory”

University of Genoa, Italy, Department of Philosophy

 Main topics of the seminar:

  • Decision Theory
  • Individual decision theory and Rational Choice theory
  • Logic of Preference
  • Expected Utility Value
  • Decision-making under uncertainty and ignorance
  • Measures of completely unknown probabilities
  • Decision criteria for uncertainty
  • Normative and descriptive theories
  • Decision Processes
  • The Limits of the Perfect Rationality Models and the Bounded Rationality
  • The cognitive activity and Decision-Making
  • Neuroeconomy
  • Collective Decision-Making and Social Decision-making
  • Communication and Information into the Decision-Making
  • Missing information and oratory
  • The Mathematical Theory of Information, the available Information

"Il Confronto delle Idee" magazine

Jan 2003 - Jan 2010


Editor and journalist for the “Il Confronto delle idee”, Journal of local news and culture;


Jan 2000 - 2010

Event planner, promoter, DJ

Event planner, promoter and Disk Jockey for several private parties and events



Human Resources Management, Post Graduate Master

  • Leadership and communication
  • Team working and problem solving
  • Time management and motivational procedures
  • Administration of personnel
  • Remuneration organization
  • Recruiting and selection of personnel
  • Industrial and trade union relations
  • Company organization
  • Human resources management
  • Aging workforce
  • Project management in the HR management area
  • Professional Training
  • Budgeting in the HR management area
  • Incentive payments and carrier plans
  • Information Technology of HR management area
  • Business English

Socrates Erasmus exchange program

Erasmus student at the Tecnische Universität in Berlin;

Studying experience at the faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Economy at the Tecnische Universität Berlin and at the Humboldt Universität Berlin;

  • Decision theory
  • Game theory
  • Theory of Information
Jan 2006 - Mar 2009

Master degree

Master in Philosophy, curriculum “Mind, Language, Science”,

Mark: 110/110 cum laude

Thesis in Philosophy of Science, Title of the thesis: “Information, Communication Decision. Decision

Theory and information”. Supervisor prof. Luisa Montecucco. and prof. Dario Palladino.

  • Logic, Logic of Mathematics, logic of decision,
  • Theory of rational Choice, Decision theory
  • Epistemology, Theory of knowledge and all the main topics of Philosophy of Science
  • Political Economy, Microeconomics
  • Philosophy of Mind and Neurosciences, Psychology
  • Analytic philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Theory of Communication
  • Ontology, Metaphysics
  • Ethic and political philosophy


Degree in Philosophy,

Mark: 110/110 cum laude

Thesis in Logic, Title of the thesis “The Case Based Reasoning and the Logic of Scientific Discoveries”.

Supervisor professor Luciano Floridi.

  • History of Philosophy
  • Logic, Theoretic Philosophy,
  • Hermeneutic Philosophy,
  • Ethics,
  • Political Philosophy,
  • History,
  • Psychology, Pedagogy,
  • Italian Literature.


Computer skills and competences

Due to my constant curiosity and my experiences, I developed a good knowledge of several IT environments: windows, Mac OS X, Linux; Microsoft Office, Open Office, iWork; knowledge and skills in Web Surfing and in the use of web apps. I have excellent skills and abilities in using applications of multimedia files production and processing, such as Gimp, Ableton Live, VST software, etc. I led several projects related to IT solutions, the WEB and computerization of H.R. activities.

Organisational, Interpersonal skills and competences

I developed strong organizational skills thanks to my daily work. I am able to work by objective, manage several priorities and build networks.

I strengthened my innate propensity for sociability, relationship and cooperation thanks to my intense social life: I have been involved in cultural association activities, politics, events promotions and music. I worked in entertainment.

My Erasmus experience allowed me to appreciate multicultural environments.


mother tongue

Artistic Skills

I am passionate of music: I compose computer music.

I am passionate of underwater pictures.


9th Level Trinity Certificate