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Audio Post: Recording and Mixing

I worked with different bands doing audio post-production such as recording and mixing. 

do check out my portfolio at the audio page for your reference.

*Do mind the quality as it's playing back at a lower bit rate and is compressed.*

I've been involve with Actschurch's album projects such as Actsperiment 1.0, Actsperiement 2.0 and the more recent one Actsperiment 3.0.

Samples of it can be found at;

I do voice-over work for my church Jingles and promos;


Live Sound

I do do audio for live sound as well,

for events such as plays and concerts like Revolution Tours.

for your reference you can click on the links below;


Audio Post-production for Film & Promos

I'm also involve in audio post-production for Videos and short animations.

I've work with Rocket Science, a Production House for some Voice-over work for the play Esther.

for that work you can click on this link;

for your reference you can click on the links below;

or you can head to the Video page to check it out.

Work experience


Audio Files

Audio Post-Pro for Short Films.