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Recommendations : from colleagues and customers worldwide – for Huy nguyen

LinkedIn Recommendations

Bob Murchie has endorsed your work as Senior Test Engineer at Jabil.

Dear Huy,I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.Details of the Recommendation: "I had the pleasure of working with Huy on an account I managed and am glad to give him my recommendation. Huy is extremely professional, highly technical and extremely passionate about his work. I could always depend on Huy to work independently and in direct contact with our customer to provide solutions to their concerns and suggest improvements that would benefit both companies. Huy has a great attitude and was always willing to go the extra mile to get things done correctly even if that meant doing so on his own time. Huy was a tremendous asset to my account and I can say with confidence that he will be a valuable asset to any company he chooses to work with."

A-From:Keith Heiring

Sent:Friday, March 28, 2008 8:08 PM

To:Huy Nguyen

Subject:RE: Please put some time to provide your feedback for my service so I can improvise and learn

Well I’ve always appreciated the fact you spend a lot of time and effort training your team. The hands on training seem to rare thing these days. I’ve worked with a lot of Engineers in my 10+ years at Jabil and consider you my 2nd favorite to work with. I can’t really think of any complaints.

B-To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Huy Nguyen. Huy is a Senior Test Engineer and I have been Huy’s immediate supervisor for several years. I found him to hard working, detail oriented and dedicated to succeeding in all of his assigned projects.

Huy does not require constant management but keeps me informed at all times.He has successfully brought many projects from concept stage to conclusion. This has helped Jabil to increase its profits and maintain good customer relations, delivering quality products, tested and delivered on time.

Huy is always helpful and ensures that the people he works with are trained and understands the testing process and are independently able to differentiate between test infrastructure and product related fails.

I highly recommend Huy for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.


Gordon Ross

Test Manager

C-From: Sudhir Pathak (spathak) [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 4:59 PM

To: Huy Nguyen

Subject: RE: Please put some time to provide your feedback for my service so I can improvise and learn

Hello Huy,

I find you a thorough Test Engineer, very responsive and responsible at the same time.

Your product debug and Diag skills are very good.

You have supported Topspin 100% and I thank you for that.


D-From:TN Lee

Sent:Friday, March 02, 2007 12:52 AM

To:Huy Nguyen

Subject:RE: please kindly let me know how is my performance

Hi Huy,

Here are my comments in my experience working with you:

Fast response – whenever I have inquiries abt a problem, I will always get a response from you within that day.

Knowledgeable and experienced – you have good ideas on how to solved problems.

Generous in sharing information – you always share with me problems that you face in JAB so that I get a heads-up on the issue.

Thank you very much for your help all these while.

I hope we will have more chances to work together again.



E-From: Wei Chun Lim

Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 10:47 AM

To: Huy Nguyen

Subject: RE: please kindly let me know how is my performance

Hi Huy,

I had been working with you ~3 years. you are my main contact point in Florida... we had work together on transfering at lease 10 GSBU model inclding 10G , 1G sup cards, voice / line cards and fix config... and yet sharing comp / test issue... we never fail on any project right ? so... i can say that you are a responsible test engineer...and JPE Test Engineering marks your score as 99.


Wei Chun Lim

F-From:Roland Tang

Sent:Tuesday, January 10, 2006 7:26 PM

To:Huy Nguyen

Subject:RE: Huy's Grading

Hello Sir,

I think you have done really well. If I could grade you, I'd give you A++, because you have always supported me in my request.

G-From: Roy Tsai (rtsai) [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 8:02 PM

To: Huy Nguyen

Subject: RE: Huy's Grading !

I have no complaint.


H-July 22, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Huy Nguyen. I have been working with Huy for the past couple of years. I have found Huy to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication.

Besides being very knowledgeable as a Lead Test Engineer, he takes each project seriously and has successfully completed each and every one of them.

Huy is highly respected by his co-workers and has been instrumental in helping institute new procedures internally and externally with the customers.

Huy has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for a position in your company.


Theresa Bruno

Business Unit Coordinator- Cisco

[email protected]


Hop Nguyen

Ed Sharp

Ronald Blanchette

Tai Huynh

Theresa Bruno

Chanh Le



Engineering professional offering 18+ years of experience in testing, deploying and supporting products in an engineering, manufacturing and RMA environments for: Printers (HP), Motherboards (Desktop & Laptop for Sun, IBM, Intel, Apple), Cisco Networking Products (Routers&Switches Wired & Wireless), Audio&Video Conference Equipment (PictureTel)

To summarize my work history and experiences : To work with Contract Manufacturing Companies : Solectron and Jabil, I have exposed to variety of products electrotechnology fields (and so was my Electrotechnology career) in terms of test support: -Printers - industrial, consumer: HP -Professional Audio & Video Conference Consoles : Audio & Video Encoder, Decoder, RF (Radio Frequency): Picture-Tel -Computers - Laptop, Desktop, Servers : Intel, IBM, Sun, TI, Toshiba, Apple,Dell -Networking  - Professional Routers, Switches, Wireless : Cisco -Satellite Receivers -Hard Drives -N.P.I : New Product Introduction -F.A : Failure Analysis -Test Engineering Duties: EC, BOM, Test Plans, Customer Interaction, Test Setup, Yields Improvement, Cost Reduction -Global Support & Training -Debug: Hardware & Software

Review test equipment designs, data with customers regularly to ensure continuous improvement and be the liaison and technical conduit.

Customer satisfaction focus, diversity, strong communicator, act with integrity, demonstrate effective leadership skills, effective collaborator and problem solver.

Complete Tasks in a timely and accurate, professional manner. Proactively drive corrective action when quality & execution issues arise.

Support with failure analysis, test debugging, reduce process and equipment downtime.

Direct and coordinate engineering activities concerned with product development, procurement, installation and production.

Prepare recommendations for testing and documentation to be used from product design phase through production to reduce cost and improve the test yields.

Generate test documents, reports and test data analysis in different languages : English, French and Vietnamese.

Global Products Test Transfer and Support

Coach and mentor TE Staff to deliver excellent service to internal and external customers

Speak, Write fluently in English, French, Vietnamese

Work experience

Feb 2000Jan 2009

Senior Test Engineer


Support New Product Introduction (NPI) and Production Products Test & Direct Fulfillment for Cisco Customer for variety of Switches and Routers up to 4GBps at all test phases: FVT, ESS, HASA, SNT, BI, FST, HIPOT, AutoPack.

Direct and exercise control over operational, functional and performance phases of test

Modify and use computer software (scripts) and hardware to conduct tests on test equipment for functional product testing purpose.

Provide training to production testing staff

Analyze and interpret test data and prepare technical reports for use by test engineering and management personnel

Perform moderately complex assignment of the engineering test function for standard and/or custom devices & Failure Analysis (FA)

Direct and coordinate engineering activities concerned with product development, procurement, installation and production.

Determine conditions under which tests are to be conducted and phases of test operations

Global Product test support

Develop and assist Customer in the set up of new product test process

•Recognized by Jabil Business Unit and Cisco Customer for Galaxy CAT4000 Series Products Transfer successfuly to Jabil in China (Shanghai) and for CSS11K Series Products Transfer successfully to Jabil in Malaysia (Penang) including products test setup and training.

Sep 1995Dec 1999

Senior Engineering Technician

Perform moderately complex engineering test and technical functions related to manufacturing support and engineering development

Create Test procedure and conduct Staff technical training

Help in Process Improvement for better Productivity, less Downtime and great Quality

Create and Release ECO per Customer platform to Production

Involve in the Pilot Run of Production for smooth transition

Modify and enhance Test Tools to fit any particular criteria

Maintain top-notch Customer Service and Support

Analyze Process Defect by using SPC methods

Create/perform preventive maintenance procedure for test equipment

Support High Tech Board Service from Customer, including RMA and FA

•Recognized by PictureTel Customer for Product Transfer successfully to Solectron in France (Bordeaux)

Sep 1989Sep 1995

Senior Debug Technician

Perform Diagnostic Analysis and Debug to Component level while ensuring accuracy and quality on a wide variety of PCB Products up to complex, multi-layer boards :

Motherboards IBM-SUN-INTEL-HP-COMPAQ-DELL (Desktop, Notebooks)

Video Conference System (PICTURE-TEL, POLYCOM)

Communication System (CISCO, STRATACOM): Routers, Switches

IBM Mainframe

HP Industrial Printer

•Sent to Customer Sites for Product Procurement as:

Mainframe from IBM Tucson, AZ

HP Printer from HP Boise, Idaho

Intel Desktop Motherboards from INTEL Oregon

Audio&Video Conference Product from PictureTel Boston

Cisco Networking Products from Cisco San Jose, California

Sep 1988Aug 1989

Test Technician

Test and Debug Hard Drive Controllers : MFM, RLL, ESDI, SCSI, IDE types


Aug 1983Jul 1987


Dawson College

Completed 3 years program as Electrotechnologist (BSET) : Analog, Digital, Data Communication: Networking, TV, Microwave, AC/ DC, Servo, PC, Engineering Drafting, Electronics Industrial, Assembly Languages: Z80, 6502, 68000, High Level Languages: Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, Unix, C, OS: CPM, DOS, MS Windows, IOS, SW Applications: MS Office, MS Project


Working Skills
•    Fluently speaking & writing in English & French & Vietnamese UNIX C++ POWER POINT EXCEL WORD WINDOWS OS APPLE OS LINUX IXIA SMARTBIT CISCO IOS, KLEMTEST, TCP/IP, Network Layers & Topology (Wired & Wireless), LAN & WAN, Network & PC Security   •    Completed ISO 9000 Training Completed 5S Training, Lean Manufacturing Knowledge, ESD Completed Self-Directed Work Team and Leadership Programs Acquired Certificate of Quality Control Completed Statistic Process Control Training, AGILE, TARS Training Knowledge of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Knowledge of Electronic Instrumentation, Computer Structure, Telecommunication, Laser Printer, PC Peripherals, TV, Fiber Optics Familiar with BGA, SMTQFP, PLCC technology