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Huthifa Ahmad Yousef Al-Omary

Conformance Analyst (QA\QC) at SGS Group

Work experience


Duties: Assess product and/or exporter risk levels, identification of product essential requirements and applicable standards following the Business Rules on conformity assessment, classification, import eligibility and process flows, Conformity Assessment Instructions(CAIs), and other related references. Checking and approve the conformity documents(test reports, quality certificates, analysis reports… etc). Evaluating the feedback of the inspection and take the final decisions. Responsible for the auditing of external and internal laboratories to ensure that testing procedures are applied accurately. Responsible for helping traders to find accredited laboratories, applicable standards, and easy procedures to facilitate the process of having the certificate of conformity for their goods. Responsible for the issuance of Certificate of Conformity for Cosmetics, Chemicals, Electronics, Kitchenware, toys, Clothes, and other products exported to Iraq in accordance with Iraqi standards and international standards. Duties include Industrial standardization concepts including international standards/national standards development and implementation: ISO(ISO 22254, ISO11609, ISO 8124… etc.) IEC(IEC 60335-1) EN(EN, EN13750, EN12778… etc.) EU 76/768 and EU1223/2009 Iraqi standards(IQS 1161, IQS1111… etc.) Gulf standard and SASO standards for some products: SASO 1875, SASO 1877, SASO


Period: Duties: works on HPLC, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument. (société générale de surveillance) QC/QA employee(conformance analyst-ICIGI)



Jordan University of Science and Technology


synthetic oils
Good Manufacturing Practices
Quality management system