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Work experience

Jan 2014Present


Cairn India

January 2014 – current

Consultant-Geologist with Cairn India 

Evaluate Barmer basin to identify new plays.

Prospect generator at the north of Barmer basin (Rift Basin).

 2D/3D seismic interpretation Using Petrel.

Lead the junior geologist and mentor them.

Sep 2011Aug 2014

Senior Geologist


September 2011 – October 2013 bp Egypt

Exploration Geologist- East Nile Delta – bp Egypt.

Prospectivity evaluation of the bp Egypt, Offshore East Nile Delta blocks.

2D/3D seismic interpretation using Landmark.

Geologist for the Deep prospects in the East Nile Delta – bp Egypt, (writing the well recommendation, translate the geological terms and targets to drilling team.

Dec 2003Sep 2011



July 2008– August 2011 Shell Egypt

Exploration Geologist – Non Venture Nile Delta Team - Shell Egypt N.V

Job Assignment:

Exploration Geologist: Shell Egypt N.V. (Nile Delta Basin)

Prospectivity evaluation of the Shell Egypt, Offshore Nile Delta - North Baltim Block.

2D/3D seismic interpretation using Landmark, Petrel and Shell 123DI software.

Well correlations and formation picking for well to seismic tie.

Following up all drilling operations activity of the HP/HT wells drilled onshore/offshore

Nile Delta at shallow and deepwater concessions.

Pressure prediction applying Sonic and Resistivity logs and offset wells.

Reviewing the pre drilling well plans to calibrate the pre and post drilling parameters.

Post drilling well analysis and documentation.

Provides geoscience advice and consultancy.

Delivers subsurface multi-disciplinary projects.

Delivers subsurface business or technology programmes.

Dec 2007 – July, 2008

Regional Exploration Geologist – New Exploration Venture Team: Shell Egypt


Identify new play concepts and depositional trends of the Oligocene reservoir target offshore/onshore Nile Delta Basin.

Bid round evaluation to identify exploratory leads/prospects - Nile Delta Basin.

Regional geology subsurface mapping and constructing Common Risk Segment (CRS) maps.

Fasies distribution and isopach maps of the Nile Delta Basin.

Volume calculation and risk analysis using Shell Fastrak software.

Participating in the competitor activities and scout information of oil/gas operating companies to update management with new plays impacted Shell exploration activities.

Participated in the Nile Delta Cone regional evaluation (Pre Salt plays).

Participated in the Oligocene play evaluation volume calculation and leads portfolio in Nile Delta Basin.

Participated in the Sinai bid-round evaluation of the Palaeozoic deep target play.

Will experienced and deeply involved in the subsurface and regional basin analysis of Nile Delta and Western Desert basins, Egypt.

Dec, 2005 – Dec, 2007

Exploration Geologist - New Exploration Venture Team: Shell Egypt N.V.

Identify play concepts and trends in the North Western Desert during working in Play Based Evaluation.

Identify exploratory leads/prospects in new bid rounds evaluation of the central Western Desert – Abu Gharadig Basin.

Will experienced in the stratigraphic interpretation from logs and seismic data for different depositional environments considering the structure history of the study area and has the capability to construct stratigraphic modeling.

Subsurface mapping and regional geology throw CRS maps.

Lithofacies maps in Western Desert – Abu Ghradig and Natrun Basins.

Construction of formation thickness maps.

Exploration Studies

Work Details:

Participated in Three different exploration geological studies in Western Desert:

The role is to evaluate the geological plays, play risking and produce the CRS maps.

1. Palaeozoic study - western part of Northern Western Desert, Egypt.

2. Lower Cretaceous study - central part of Northern Western Desert, Egypt.

3. Palaeozoic study - central part of Northern Western Desert, Egypt.


Construct structure maps from 2D/3D seismic interpretation to identify:

1- Main structural fault elements interpretation.

2- Leads/prospects identification.

3- Reservoir characterization for the different formations.

Lithology interpretation, to identify reservoir distribution and the depositional environments.

Facies maps, thickness maps and reservoir N/G maps.

Post drilling analysis, to identify risk elements includes Reservoir, Seal (top and lateral), Charge, Trap.

Dec, 2004 – Dec, 2005

Operation and Well-Site Geologist: Shell Egypt N.V.

Followed up the drilling operation activities of all wells drilled by Shell in the Western Desert.

Assigned to follow up drilling results of competitors exploration activates by attending

EGPC (Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation) monthly scout meetings to report out results to Shell Managements.

Dec, 2003 – Dec, 2004

Exploration Geologist – Western Desert: Shell Egypt N.V.

Joined Western Desert Onshore Exploration and Development Team, to construct structure mapping from seismic, lithology interpreter from logs for different depositional environments with understanding of the area structural/geologic history.


Aug 1997May 2003


Helwan University 



Computer Skills
Petrel, Seiswork, Stratwork, 123DI (Shell software) and Geoprobe. Operating system: Windows NT/2000/XP.
Fluent: Very good in English communication reading and writing. Native: Arabic

Text Section

1- Personal Information

Birth Date: November 20th, 1980

Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt

Children: Two child’s (8, 5)

Passport Number: A02618108

Military Status: Exempted (single son)

Nationality: Egyptian

Experience: Joined Shell Exploration and Production (Shell Egypt N.V.) Dec

1st, 2003 since 2011, 

Joined bp from 2011 since Oct., 2013,

Join to Cairn India from Jan., 2014