Work and the will are two ways to get to success but it is must be true and sincere manner in order to be realized all the goals. The most important thing is self confidence and continuous communication with the team and make the utmost effort in terms of that it gives a continuous experience

work date

تاريخ العمل

Processes Engineer

Manazl ala'araf
يناير 2016 - الحالي

Logistics management

Site Supervisor

MAraba aliraq alkhadra'a
اغسطس 2015 - يناير 2016

The work of collecting the mechanics of the company, examine and direct them properly and management of safety, transportation, and processing of permits and security logistics and waste management and construction monitoring

Gurds private supervisor

Olive group 

Plant Controller

black gold plant
فبراير 2015 - يوليو 2015

 Measuring & Control for pressure & heat of Asphalt plant




BASra university\college engineering
سبتمبر 2012 - يونيو 2015

Chemical & Processes engineering