Hussam Abdullah

  • Dammam Saudia Arabia

تاريخ العمل

تاريخ العمل
نوفمبر 2013 - الحالي

Data Acquisition, Well testing

Halliburton Energy

Halliburton Testing and Subsea continues its leadership by providing solutions that promote safety and environmentally responsible. The broad range of products and services provide fit-for-purpose testing solutions that deliver dynamic reservoir information required by our clients.

اغسطس 2010 - مارس 2012

Maintenance Supervisor

Sisco Al Jabr Talke
  • Sisco Al Jabr Talke  This is one of the leading logistics providers in KSA, its having all type of logistics operation includes 20ft loose bags loading 40ft pallatizer loading, bulk tanker loading & off loading. Around 42 forklift with 3 reach stacker running for operation every time. This company having 24 silos with bagging machine & 12 bagging lines & 11 pallatizer line for Tasnee where our company have a contract for bagging operations. This company has  
  • Buemer pallatizer machine & Topaz bagging machine with 24 silos.


فبراير 2008 - يوليو 2010

Jubail Branch Supervisor 

Kanoo tairminal seirvece

. This company is having all type of Cargo dealings/logistic operations, export& import &  transportation


فبراير 2006 - يناير 2008

Computer programing diploma after the high school

JICC computer center



Einglish language

Good in speaking and writing and reporting and communicating