Saudi Aramco (SMP) through SRACO company Pipelines & comm. Project Dept. Dammam office Building IT & Assets Coordinator Jan 2014 – Present  Local Area Network monitoring and troubleshooting support  Supporting users and computers and other network resources such as Application, File & Print servers.  Deploy and maintain all Computer Workstations & Servers being used in the division.  Troubleshooting Network Related issues.  Troubleshooting all issues Related SAP Access.  Communicating & coordinating with Support Groups.  Running Inventory for the Division.  Training New Employees on Aramco Systems.  Sanitization and Re-imaging the Aramco CPUs.  Maintaining consistency the IT gates pass.  Assist with all units’ data administrative tasks as needed.  Maintaining & updating the division master data.  Maintenance for all desktops, laptops & Printers (Software & Hardware).  Keep knowledge of current changing technology.  Projects Fixed asset Coordinator.  Assistant to Aramco Department’s CSL (Computer Security Liaison)  Perform installation of Div.workstation and engineering software as needed.  To assist documentation, online transaction request in relevance to project’s needs utilizing Saudi Aramco Portal (SAP System).