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Human Resources Manager having production, logistics and project management experiences on top of Industrial Engineering background. Good communication ability, strong analytical thinking, entrepreneurial spirit with a team work resulting in self-motivated, result-oriented leadership. Believing that "employees are the primary assets of the company"!

Work experience

Apr 2005Present

Human Resources Manager

Karsan Automotive
As a Business Partner in the company, overseeing and managing all Human Resources functions to meet and exceed business objectives in coordination with functional heads; • Development of human resources strategies, systems & processes • Management of recruitment process • Improvement of training and development system • Management of compensation and benefit system • Coordination of organizational needs of changes • Management of payroll processes • Monitoring health & safety system • Management of industrial relations • Management of administrative works, expat issues.
Mar 2003Mar 2005

Assembly Shop Production Responsible (Senior)

Karsan Automotive
• Regular production responsibilities - To realize Peugeot Partner & Peugeot J9 production and Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato transformation coordination with other departments according to the production plans by achieving time, cost, efficiency, safety, etc. targets • Project Management As the leader of following projects, to have good coordination inside Karsan and also between Karsan and PSA Peugeot - Citroen Group and/or FIAT Group in order to launch planned vehicles in the market on time. - M59 Launching Project - FAM – Ushuaia Project - Elongated M59 Project - Ducato Transformation Project for FIAT & Tofaş - Boxer & Extra-Van Transformation Project for POPAŞ • Prototype Shop responsibilities - To support Engineering Department and other project groups in their needs on preparation of prototype vehicles, part improvements and new applications. To make one-shot modifications on the vehicles which is produced serially on the lines for some special customers.
Apr 2002Feb 2003

Logistics Responsible

Karsan Automotive
• Various logistics improvements - Milk-Run system - Triangular Kanban application for press parts - Supply Kanban application for assembly shop - Flow-racks for line side and storage areas - Spare parts packaging and delivery improvements - Returnable box studies - Various layout, storage, delivery, packaging, team management, etc. studies • Leadership of M59 Launching project - As the project manager, to have good coordination inside Karsan and also between Karsan and Peugeot-Citroen Group in order to launch planned vehicles in the market on time.
Aug 2001Mar 2002

Kaizen Group Project Leader

Karsan Automotive
• To assist Production Control department in various fields - To help production control department in improvement studies of all kind (especially in planning, line control, service parts & logistics items, etc.) • Leadership of M49 re-export project • Participation in part-by-part project
Nov 1999Aug 2001

Stock Control and Warehouse Chief

Merloni Elettrodomestici
• Warehouse layout organization - Re-arrangement of warehouse layout in order to make “visual warehouse” and easy operations follow-up. • Packaging standardization studies • Establishment of a Milk-Run transportation system
May 1997Nov 1999

Production Control Engineer

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey
• Production Planning - Vehicle order evaluation, capacity check, planning according to HEIJUNKA and other production parameters, communication between sales and production groups, planning of spare parts production, trial production, press production, etc. • Production Line Control - On-line monitoring of vehicle, spare parts or panel production, and take necessary actions to make press, welding, paint, assembly shops to follow production plans, P.I.M.S. Production Instruction & Monitoring System management. • General Parts Store / Hazardous Parts Store Management - Management of 1 team leader and 5 team members, guidance for the improvement studies of safety stock levels, re-order points, lot sizes, area requirements, job procedures, signal kanban system, etc. • Management of Forklift Maintenance Workshop - Management of 1 expert and 1 team member who are responsible for coordination of forklift, top lifter, tow truck periodical maintenance, technical support for flow-rack, shelf, electrical equipment purchasing and maintenance / repair of them. • To & In-Plant Logistics (Material Handling) - Support for regular works and management of new projects related with below mentioned material handling sub-groups. - Container Devaning | container open scheduling according to prod. volume, robbing list preparation for disorder in prod., packing spec. changes, etc - Local Logistics | to-plant logistics coordination, milk-run truck route and capacity analysis, returnable box / pallet implementation, etc - Assembly & Welding Supply | andon systems for forklift carrying heavy parts, kanban system management, stock area requirement and flow-racks calculations, part addressing improvement, etc. - Press Supply | support for steel sheet & press panel stock shelf design studies, steel coil project, supply routing’s determination, etc. - Spare Parts | support for spare parts production in press, welding, paint and assembly shop, method improvement, new projects.