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Work experience

Jan 20052008

Senior Analyst, Investment Manager

HX Investment Consulting Co.,Ltd

To gather and analyze relative information about industries and companies, compose investment report.

To present reports and investment portfolios for clients and committee

To source and analyzethe investment opportunities in different markets : to assess the value and potential risk in PE projects;

To supervise and manage legal and accounting affairs during investing procedure.

To deal with NPL by negotiating with banks and asset management companies, arrange the schedule among the other parties involved in the whole processing.

To establish an efficient management team and meet performance objectives.

To introduce new investors for the company re-investment


Senior Analyst

Central China Trust and Investment Co.,Ltd

To compose daily investment reports for the management.

To assist Investment Depart with maintaining financial database and reviewing financial models as a junior analyst.

To present research services and advise clients on investment objects, mainly in the real estate ,PE and financial markets.

To participate in the whole procedure of M&A for seven Trust& Investment companies in the 5th Truth Companies Reform throughout China.

To sort out potential risk in seven trust companies by collecting and analysing their financialinformation, investigate how some branches embezzled clients’ deposits.

To communicate with shareholders, partners, relevant branches and associated companies.

To introducepotential strategic investors( some SH-listed compnaies and investment companies) into the largest M&A in Henan Province.




HeNan Financial and Economic University


I have been working in China investing field since I graduated in 1997, serving for government, consultative company and investment banking. Additionally I once studied and worked in UK for few years. These experiences make it easier for me to fairly understand the requirement and desires of clients from different cultures.


Swimming: member of Uni. Swimming Club.