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I speak a little since I took two years of it and then traveled to Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid.  So what? Who cares?
Freshman Film Major studying at the UNLV Honors College.   Former Broadcast 3 and teacher's aide at Coronado High School, the only daily, live high school broadcast in the Vegas Valley.   Creator of Rock*Comedy*Film: Inspiring Entertainment   2014 UNLV Spring Flicks - Pink Elephant: 1st Place Winner, 2nd Place Best Screenplay, 2nd Place Best Directing, 2nd Place Best Editing   2014 UNLV Spring Flicks - WIND: 2nd Place Winner, 2nd Place Best Screenplay, 3rd Place Best Directing, 3rd Place Best Editing   2014 Zooppa Help Us Spread Optimism for Pink Elephant   2014 MetLife Alico €6,000 for Pink Elephant   2014 Possible Zooppa Spread Optimism winner for Pink Elephant   2013 Coldwell Banker $25,000 This Is Home   2013 Teen Video Awards - Best No Bull Documentary of the Year   2012 Teen Video Awards - Best Directing   2012 Teen Video Awards - Best No Bull Documentary of the Year (2nd Runner Up)   2013 Broadcast Awards - 1st Place Music Video   2012 Broadcast Awards - 1st Place Commercial   2012 Broadcast Awards - 1st Place Music Video for the original song and short film Alone   2011 Broadcast Awards - 1st Place Commercial   2013 Three CUE NV Awards for Comedy, Music Video & PSA   2012 LV Student Film Fest: Most Promising Filmmaker, Best Director, and Best Film   Editing software- Adobe editing suite; Final Cut Pro X; Motion   Computer- iMac Desktop 2010   Work Experience Paid intern, video editor and production assistant at DAV Productions Hired to create videos advertiesments ex. Retaliate: A Novel by S.P. Grogan    Cameraman for local TV station, VegasTV   Video editor for VegasWise SportsTV
  Ever since I was about four I knew I wanted to do something pertaining to acting and making people laugh. When I was 7, I went to acting camp and starred in my first play as Jack in Jack and The Bean Stalk. When I was 9, I starred as Pertruchio from Taming of The Shrew and Peter Quince in A Midsummer's Night Dream. When I was 13, I went to Second City where I was instructed on the arts of comedy, improv, and filmmaking. After, I performed live at the world famous Second City Theater in Chicago. More recently, I've been in A Midsummer's Night Dream and Alice in Wonderland.   I competed at Theatre regionals and made it to State for my performance of Glengarry Glen Ross. I've taken two years of the high school class and continued to participate in theatre for my final years of high school.    As a college student, I have played the lead in several award winning short films.
Mainly, I'm a guitar player. I play a wide variety of music from acoustic to electric from Beatles to Zeppelin to Classical Gas. I've been playing for about six years now, always sharpening the ax.   Equipment: Schecter electric, Ibanez electric, Fender classical, Ovation acoustic, Esteban acoustic, Line 6 amp, Vox amp, Behringer Mixer, Logic Pro editing software   I also sing and play bass, drums, ukulele, and piano.   Equipment: Hofner Bass, Berringer amp, Roland electric drumset, Ludwig acoustic drumset, Mahalo Ukulele, Toneport Kb37 keyboard     I was a finalist in the singing competition, American Teen Idols. My original song, Alone, won 1st Place Music Video at the CCSD 2012 Broadcast Awards. In addition to the number of songs I have created for Coronado High School. I have created music for the University of Nevada Las Vegas' basketball games entitled Rebel Style!  

Work experience

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Lead America: DePaul University

Here I learned techniques at DePaul on how to lead a group in any situation. It was a great experience. I was one of the lucky few chosen to attend due to my outstanding academic record.

One of the nation's educational leaders in personalized experiential learning designed to better prepare middle and high school students for their transition to college and their future career.

What I Want to Do

  • Become a cast member on SNL.
  • Become a YouTube partner.
  • Earn college degree in film at UCLA- Have a career in the industry.



Who I Am

Hey, is this where I order? Okay, I want a double cheeseburger, extra cheese, no onions and a large fry. Not fries just one giant fry. Huh..what? Oh! 

24 Time Award Winning Student Filmmaker

2012-2013 Coronado High School's Student Body 1st Vice President responsible for assemblies and pep rallies

Hard rocker, crisp talker.Guitar player, lyric sayer.Joke teller, grate spellur.Filmmaker, and I'm really good at rhyming.

Political View: I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.

Creator of the registered trademark Rock*Comedy*Film: Entertainment For Teenagers, a website with a constant stream of videos made by high school students for HS students.

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University of Nevada Las Vegas

Coronado High School

Learning the knowledge.