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Professional Experiences:

Aug 2014Feb 2015


OR Network Server Technician Building the Network Server for the Data Center Installing various switches and servers and network hardware onto the server racks Experience with switches Using MacPro laptop for work. Rack and Stack and Mounting railing brackets onto the server frame Work on power cabling for the Network Server Installing Hard Drives(HDD) Swapping battery units into the right server slots Follow process and procedures guidelines to install hardware equipment properly Collaborating in a team setting environment Operating server lift machine to guide the server onto the railing brackets Using power drills with different drill bits, Velcro, using different types of screw for the railing brackets Power mapping for the cabling system Going to the dock and pulling work orders every morning
Aug 2014Aug 2014

Peak Systems Inc

Peak Systems Inc
Portland, OR Window 7 Deployment Working for Morgan Stanley Smith & Barney for one day to upgrade their Window 7 OS environment It's a one day project for Morgan Stanley Working in a of 10 in breaking down over 100 unit in a box Staging the computer desktop unit in every room of the office Replacing new Dell Dual Monitor and a HP Desktop CPU
Jul 2014Aug 2014

TEK Systems

TEK Systems
Beaverton, OR Kohl's POS Travelling Project Traveling to different Kohl's location for the POS System Project. Upgrading the old POS credit card pin pad to a new and improve VeriFone pin pad Removing the old bracket plates and mounting the new swivel VeriFone Brackets for the touch pin pad Drill holes into the mounting brackets with wood screws Installing wires for the Data, Ethernet CAT 5 cable and power cables for the POS pin pad Using Velcro strap to tie the port hub with the power supply's Following the Manuel Process Procedures to complete the project Using hand tools like: power drill with different drill bits, Phillip screw drivers and a box cutter Record Hardware Serial Number for Asset Management Inventory Sheet on a daily basis Collaborating in a team setting for this project Working with the onsite Manager at Kohl's for different location Implemented new strategies to finish the work deadline on the last day Packing, moving, and staging of boxes for shipment to merchants, Testing POS Equipment
Nov 2013Jan 2014

Operation Engineer/helpdesk

OR IT Operation Engineer/Helpdesk(Network Operation Center) Support individual Account Managers and Call Center Operations in the introduction and optimization of both new and existing services Provide an interface between the Call Center Operations team and key support organizations: IT, Customer Care, Engineering, Payments and Account Management Develop and manage the collection and analysis of data from support organizations that will benchmark and improve product performance and the customer experience. Selects and loads input and output, observes operation of equipment, control panels, error lights, verification printouts, error messages and faulty output Researches error messages and may manipulate console to properly sequence job steps after a job is interrupted Ensures all necessary data files are accounted for and available in order to initiate each processing task· Monitors database systems in accordance with a schedule of operations Identifies hardware and software malfunctions and takes appropriate corrective action as necessary to resolve operating problems Maintains scheduled reports of operations activities including trouble reports, logs, etc Oversee monitoring and maintenance of the network, making sure that all devices are monitored to support our SLA. Software Programs for Vesta: Microsoft SQL Server R2, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Citrix Server, SharePoint, Outlook, Visio, Microsoft Suite, GNU-Encryption, Keypass, OneNote, Remote Desktop, VPN, Vesta Vault. F5 Application software, Wireshark, VMWare, Vsphere, lotus notes, VOIP(Avaya and Cisco) Nagios, IVR, web, notification, payment
May 2013Aug 2013

Validation Engineer/test Engineer/qa

Intel Corps
Contract Hillsboro, OR BIOS: Validation Engineer/Test Engineer/QA(contract) PC HW knowledge, Window 7&8.1 Enterprise OS, Using SharePoint emailing system PC setup and OS installs Troubleshooting PC HW/SW issues Experience with one or more scripting languages such as Perl, AutoIT etc, or any other scripting language Experience writing and executing test cases Excellent problem solving skills; ability to analyze and debug issues Good verbal & written communication skills Using Contour test script methods and Lync 2010 and Lync Edge, Using McAfee security software Programming language: writing Linux scripts in shell Testing Window 8 and Window Blue BIOS Ran the Automation Program for Window 8.1 to make sure there is no bug issues Using bugzilla software to track the programming issues Automation Testing, Software Tester Tools: DPTF, BLA, X-Stress, Heavy Load, WinAcpi, Training new hired, implementing process and procedure documentation Debugging BIOS Validation Tools and Software Implementation for new documentation on Process and Procedures. Working knowledge of all Microsoft Operating Systems-DOS, Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 Strong understanding of all major aspects of computer HW and FW/SW & knowledge of multiple platforms Experiences using Multimeter device(Voltage), UEFI Testing experiences setting up and configuring Windows based computers preferably Windows 8 and 8.1 Assemble/Disassemble laptop
Aug 2012Nov 2012

Schwabe & Williamson Law Firm

Schwabe & Williamson Law Firm
OR,, and 11/18/12 Window 7 Migration Deployment(Temporary) Replacing old Window XP hardware equipment to the new Window 7 hardware equipment Installing the software through map drive and did the data transfer Replacing monitor Setting up user account Back up user data Perform hardware and software configuration including for hardware peripherals and printers Install necessary applications and tools Move and setup end user hardware from one cube to another Peripheral installation Collaborate among project teams Re-map network printers Re-install end user software provided by client Complete upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 We used SCCM software to deploy Window 7
Aug 2012Sep 2012


Delta Computer Group
Hillsboro, OR Project Admin Contract) Implement a new tracking systems hardware devices for the sales team Build prototype for engineering team with prototype build Set up display demos, preparing them for sending to customers(includes Hardware /Software) Assist Engineering team in keeping track of the milestone build for their hardware inventory* Organize equipment product and electrical component Creating labels and Documenting variety of different hardware product into the database
Feb 2012Feb 2012

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Portland, OR, 2/5/13-2/10/13 Window7 Migration Deployment(Temporary) Replacing old Window XP hardware equipment to the new Window 7 hardware equipment Installing the software through map drive and did the data transfer Replacing monitor Setting up user account Back up user data Perform hardware and software configuration including for hardware peripherals and printers Install necessary applications and tools Move and setup end user hardware from one cube to another Peripheral installation Complete upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Re-map network printers Re-install end user software provided by client Transferring data manually from old to new system via easylink, map printers and verification that all applications and printing. Will be responsible for tracking all old and new asset info for systems deployed.
Sep 2010Nov 2010

System Analyst/desktop Support

Multnomah County
Portland, OR System Analyst/Desktop Support(Internship) Managed and maintained database and user security. Using the Active Directory to pull customer orders and entering customer's information into the database. Keeping track of 200+ users in 3 different building locations. I also Training other employees on Google mail Software
May 2000Jul 2010

Project Manager/construction Development/director of Marketing

Home, OR Project Manager/Construction Development/Director of Marketing Managing the construction project and overseeing the employees and making sure that they stay on tasks. Building 10 custom homes for different types of customers. Managing many types of vendors, suppliers, sub-contractor to perform on various roles of the home building project. Creating a Services Level Agreement(SLA) for each custom build project between vendor and customers Cost/process analysis and cost tracking for each construction home project Compiles project status reports, coordinates project schedules, manages project meetings, and identifies and resolves technical problems. Identifies and analyzes systems requirements and defines project scope, requirements, and deliverables Manage and complete all projects as per established guidelines Manage contractors to ensure their delivery of product on time Creating an Excel spreadsheet for cost management Manage financial project Track issues and risks for each project Collaborate among project teams Scheduling Project meetings Managed all the Marketing for the Construction Development Project Maturity of Judgment under pressure/Ability to resolve problems Writing the Scope of the project: Creating Spreadsheet database for the Inventory supplies Writing Proposal Document letters for each new construction project
Jan 2009Apr 2009

Sun Microsystems Construction-Salem

Sun Microsystems Construction-Salem
Hillsboro, OR We build Network Server Sun Micro System Run UNIX Shell batch file scripts to test various types of network servers such as: Sun Fire V440 Server, Sun Fire 280R Servers and Neta 240 Servers Use online production tools for tracking inventory, data collection and managing build priorities Initiate non-conforming material reports on discrepant materials. Ability to identify and install various computer components such as hard drives, DIMMS, and PCI cards using various applications to move orders through the logical operations and record failure data. Process documentation(web docs and Process Alerts); ensure documentation is current with the processes being used on the manufacturing floor. Collaborating with other team members to build client commercial servers. Assembling server racks together, mounting the brackets and adding different cabling CAT5 and plugs into the server Hooking up the server build to a desktop computer for performances testing
Sep 2000Apr 2001

Validation Technician

Intel Corporations
Hillsboro, OR Test Validation Technician(Contract) As part of the Processor Platform Verification(PPV) Team within MDG(Microprocessor Development Group) was be responsible for the support of engineering and test equipment operation of the PPV test process and performed platform validation“ Willamette Shasta Chip Set” for 10, 000+ chip units per working day Strong understanding of PC systems and automated test equipment installation, debug, and documented results then presented to engineering support group Run batch files test scripts through UNIX software for Pentium Processor chip set Test Pentium chip set manually on automation machine Validating test scripts and documenting data results for passing/failing Work from diagrams, sketches, schematics and engineering instructions..




Keller Graduate School of Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Mangement

Marylhurst University


Sep 2015Nov 2015

IOS Developer 

Portland Code School

Learning  with coding programming languages: 

Swift Cocoa

Objective C


UI Design