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I don't have a personal web page yet but you can see my publications at my LinkedIn.


My specialties (and interests)  are:

  • Algorithm design and analysis.
  • Distributed and localized algorithms.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).
  • Medium Access Control for WSNs.
  • Topology Control.
  • Graph algorithms.


I'm a master's candidate in Mechatronics at Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). I'm a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) researcher, more specifically researching at localized algorithms for WSN. I'm working with topology control algorithms for WSNs and my work is supported by the Brazilian Federal Funding Agency (CAPES).

At the Distributed Systems Specialization I worked with Medium Access Control Algorithms for WSN.

At Prodeb's company I worked with PHP using agile development methodologies and MVC frameworks.

In the past my scientific initiation was in Fault-Tolerance and Quality of Service, focusing on QoS monitoring through SNMP protocol and Real-Time Operating System.

Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Master's Scholarship Student

Federal University of Bahia

I'm a masters student in the Graduate Program on Mechatronics at UFBA. My current research interests are algorithm analysis and design for Wireless Sensor Networks, more specifically for localized topology control algorithms for WSNs.

Feb 2009Feb 2010

IT Analyst

  • Worked as a civil servant at the Data Processing Company of the State of Bahia (Prodeb).
  • Prodeb is responsible for providing information and communication technology for the state government of Bahia.
  • Worked as a system analyst and developer focusing on web systems.
  • Adopted Agile methodologies.
  • Adopted MVC frameworks and version control systems.
  • Worked with PHP, Postgres DB, Javascript and script languages like Shell script.
  • Adopted Linux-based plataforms. 
Aug 2007Jul 2008

Researcher and Programmer

Distributed System Laboratory - Lasid
  • Researched in Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Worked with SNMP protocol and MIBs for Cisco routers.
  • Worked with Dynamips/Dynagem emulator for Cisco routers.
  • Worked Differentiated services like Expedited Services PHP.
  • Worked with Xenomai Real-Time Operating System.
  • Designed and implemented a monitoring mechanism for a QoS Distributed Provider.
Jan 2007May 2007


Geotechnical Laboratory - Polytechnic school - UFBA
  • Maintained and developed a sample management and calculation of soil tests system called LabGeo, which was developed in DELPHI.
  • Supported the development of a web system for a weather station which was developed in PHP and MySQL.
Jan 2002Mar 2003

High School Trainee

Northeast Bank of Brazil

Management services. I was classified at 1º place at the public service exam.


Mar 2009Dec 2009


Federal University of Bahia
  • Developed RFID applications and worked with RFID middlewares for ALE (LogicAlloy/Ale Server, RIFIDI).
  • Developed and worked with remote object access (corba, rmi).
  • Worked with web services and developed a WS to sniff user informations in virtual communities (Twitter, and build reports called SnifferWS (unpublished).
  • Simulated (topology control and MAC) protocols using Castalia.

Graduate Thesis: Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (in Portuguese). 

May 2004Dec 2008


Federal University of Bahia

Bachelor Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Monitoring Mechanism for a QoS Distributed Provider (in Portuguese).    


Scripting (Shell Script, Python)
C, C++
PHP, Javascript
QoS (RTOS, Diffserv, SNMP)
RFID Middlewares (LogicAlloy/Ale Server, RIFIDI)
Emulation Software (Dynagem, Dynamips)
Simulation Software (Omnet++, Castalia, SMPL)
Brazilian Portuguese fluency
French fluency
English fluency