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Technological University of Coahuila


Universidad del Valle

Work experience

Internal Auditor and Process Analyst

Chrysler-SVAP Derramadero Complex
Internal Auditor and Process Analyst C-TPAT and NEEC-Tracomex, along with Facilities. Saltillo, Coahuila. ü Direct and manage progress towards certification C-TPAT in the corporate. ü Generate working procedures of each element working in the company. ü Perform and document formats procedure in every process of pre-certification C-TPAT: Physical Security Physical Access Controls Container Security and Services Personal Safety Safety Training ü Implement and maintain exactly the procedure endorsed by management and heads area. ü Audit production processes and performance of work items each area. ü Making the indicators for each workspace. ü Management board with management and department heads. ü Monitoring of minutes and commitments on job boards. ü Management prior to the delivery of cars with different distributors. ü Root cause analysis. ü


Cadillac SRX and Chevrolet HHR"
1 year). Closing Aztek and Rendez Vous project, opening HHR, Captiva and Vue." Floors, walls and body armor" Keeping the production line functional management RSLinx and RSLogix 500 software, tooling management clamping based on pneumatic systems, resistance welding guns(González), stud welding guns(American Nelson), and ABB Robots conveyors. Trouble Shooting and Maintenance, monitoring and enforcement of TPM. (3 years)," framming Tracking, monitoring and intermediate Allen Bradley PLC programming using RSLinx and RSLogix 5000(Management Pack Rocwell-Panel viewer & builder, Ethernet/IP powerflex, RSNetworks), networks(DeviceNet and Ethernet), Versa View CE 700H, 1000H and 1250H, detection and resolution of faults, load and back images, mastered, startups controlled modification programs, changing batteries, replacement elements(Umbilical, transformer, controller, robot axes, etc.) to intermediate level robots Fanuc and ABB.


1 year)" engine compartment" Handling equipment (pumps and injectors seal and adhesive), Management and Scheduling stud welding guns(Nelson and German Emhart), welding guns AC resistance and CV(Aro) Elevators(MHL and VDL), charging systems rope tires(Aeromotive and Knight) (6 months)," Verification of Welding" Optimization of welding quality by maintenance activities, monitoring and adjustment of pressure and Gage frequencies and ammeter, programming letter welding(Turn Ratio, C-Factor, Squeeze and Stepper) dresado frequencies, Documentation and monitoring of welding equipment. July 2011(1 year)," Global framming Management, fault monitoring and replacement of mini robots clamping(Fanuc-CFlex) driving tractors(Tool Changers), 7-axis robots Fanuc servo gun and path, maintenance, programming and troubleshooting guns automated(Emhart) Monitoring discrepancies measuring equipment(Perceptron) Professional experience.


Assembly Plant
robots Fanuc