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Work experience



DVSFX Productions

-Key Effects Artist
-Prop Designer
-Set Designer
-Effects coordinator 
-Effects consultant 
"The Cure"-Smells Serious Productions

"The Spider and the Butterfly"

"Before the Fall"

"High on the Hog"

Special Effects production, haunted house construction consultant and fabricator
Custom props designed and casted on site, in various materials 

Dec 2011Oct 2012

Consultant, Production Designer and Manager

Terror Corps Productions

Consultant and Designer for the upcoming haunted house season.

Will be responsible for construction, make-up design, prop fabrication, set finishing

Jan 2011Oct 2011

Production Designer Art Department Head

Twisted Intentions Productions

Duties include

Overseeing the various departments and having direct communication with department heads.

Facilitating any aspect of the current production

Training of new hires

Set construction


Prop Fabrication and purchase

Materials purchaser

Apr 2011Oct 2011

Kit Packer/Assistant Prep Coordinator

Mad Science Chicago

Managed Inventory for expendable supplies used in classes taught to groups ranging 20-50 participants. Repaired, replaced, and managed critical equipment vital to each system, then repackaged each kit, and shelved it for later use. 

Assisted in the preparation of the expendable supplies used in each kit. Managed inventory, and supply of each item used.

Certified in 4 of the 7 systems to teach the corresponding kits. Each system roughly contains 10-15 kits.

Mar 2009May 2010

Librarian Aid

Monessen Public Library

Check in/out of books

Restocking shelves 

General cleaning of front desk

Assigning new library cards


Inter Library Loans, retrieving books on the outgoing list and organizing into bins for delivery to other ILL locations

Faxing, Copying

Light Computer maintenance

Oct 20042010

Artist, Makeup Artist

Zombie Army Productions

Assisted in Makeup application, Set construction and demolition, and acting

Nov 2009Dec 2009


Rich Farms Inc

Created scences for there annual Christmas Production that included play houses, actors, and props.

Built and painted the play village themed after The Whoos, and giant gift boxes, all of which children could play inside of.

Constructed Santas Chair

May 2009Oct 2009

Scenic Designer, Makeup Artist

Rich Productions

Designed and applied creative makeups and effects to 15 actors on a daily basis

Maintained my Makeup station and the shops supply station in an organized fashion

Created and constructed 20 of the 56 sets, including an outdoor graveyard with 85 tomb stones, "Blair Witch" trail with 20 6ft tall effigies, The meat locker, the autopsy room,Dexter room, morgue, trapper shack, beached murder boat, Missing campers tent sight and the Hillbilly portch

Managed a crew of 4 in construction of the 2 mile outdoor hay ride.

2005May 2008

Sales Manager

Chicago Machines

Apprenticed with Chicago Machines in Buisness and Sales of Large Machinery.

This job gave me a knowledge of running a small business, time management, sales, accounting, orginazation and office ettiquete.

Being only 18 when i started, i advanced quickly to the position of Sales Manager, managing all the machines that came in and out by creating directories for each machine we held or had interest in


Douglas Education Center

Assisted Makeup Effects teacher Christoper Patrick in demonstrating makeup techniques as a model and assistant to students during his Foundations of Makeup Effects Class

Duties included

Modeling for the makeup design, and demonstrating for the students.

Assisting in passing out supplies

Assisted in answering student questions and demonstrating techniques for students


Model Making

Polystyrene or resin kits

Kit Bash Painting


Miniature Detail 



Interior/Exterior Sets




Aging, Stressing, Weathering

Material Reproduction  

Proficient with Enamels, latex, acrylic, oil, airbrush, and various techniques 

Prob Fabrication

Fabrication using Foam, 2 part plastic, urethane, Fiberglass/Bondo, Vacu Forming, Kit Bash, Model Kits, Model Fabrication, Animatronic Controls Cable Controls


Proficient in NSP, WED, Plasteline, Sculpey, and Epoxy

Single-Multi Piece Appliance

Can Sculpt, Mould and run single-Multi Piece appliances in foam,silicone or gelatine   Can run moulds made from any material

Mask Making
Silicone or Latex Masks, Full head/neck or full face
Life Casting/ Body Casting
Algenate or Silicone body molding   Casted in Stone,Fiberglass,Urethane,etc   ALI Certified    
Mold Making
Fiberglass Ultracal 30 Hydrocal Latex Silicone   Matrix Mold Box Mold Cylinder Mold Slab mold Gang Mold Core Molding Single-Multiple Section Mold    


Creating the things of your dreams, Building the things of your nightmares 


Association of Lifecasters International Member Member


Scenic Reproduction in Miniature, ie- Terrariums,Vivariums,Aquariums,Avariums,etc.

Wars, Military History, Guns, Star Wars, Space, Sci Fi, Music, Movies, Horror,Gore,


David Zilka

Supervised all Employees