Huanlin Cheng 

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Huanlin Cheng 

DOB: 1990/04/23    Fresh graduate

Personal Summary

Easy going by nature and able to get along with teammates and superiors. A bright, 'loyal', ambitious and self-motivated  fresh graduate.

The core courses of my study life in UK include plasma engineering, electrical circuits and power systems, modern engineering mathematics as well as power generation, transmission and distribution etc. Those courses not only allow me to gain some insights into Electrical Engineering and Electronics, but also help me to improve my abilities in problem solving, logical thinking and data analysis.

For the daily life, I was actively participate in community activities such as Oxfam and swimming club . I really enjoy the campus life in UK.


Sep 2014 - Dec 2015

Master of Science (Engineering) in Energy and Power Systems with merit

University of Liverpool (UK)

- GPA 65+, top 20%(Merit)

- Master project (65+) : Modelling of plasma methane conversion (Experiment/Simulation)

Sep 2011 - Jun 2014

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical Engineering and Electronics

University of Liverpool (UK)

- GPA 60+, top 20%  (2.1)

- Bachelor project (70+) : Numerical simulation of plasma chemical reaction (Experiment/Simulation)

- I was also accepted by the University of Hong Kong, University of Sheffield and the University of Glasgow. However, I returned to my alma mater for the master degree.

Key skills and Competences

  • Ability and also willingness to work in all weather conditions/business trip.
  • Excellent customer facing and communication skills.
  • Experience in the use of CHEMKIN package/kinetics simulation software.
  • Experience in the use of Matlab. 
  • Experience in the use of Office. 
  • Knowledge of C.
  • Driving licence (C1)


   1. Budget travelling                                                                                            2. Badminton

   3. LEGO/LEGO TECHNIC                                                                                   4. Reading

   5. Swimming