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•    Programming languages   

C, C++, Java, Perl, SQL and Assembly languages

•    Simulation Software           

Opnet Modeler, Matlab, Network Simulator (NS-2),  Multisim

•    Certification                       

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

•    Wireless Technologies   


•    Network Protocols             


•    SOC Skills                             

Real Time Embedded Systems with MicroC/OS-II (RTOS) and Altera FPGA


To Become an Embedded Software developer or Networking Protocol developer for a progressive telecommunications or Networking Company.


Telecommunications and Networking Graduate Student with experience and interest in• Real Time embedded systems with MicroC OS-II• Network protocol development in C• TCP/IP protocol stack• Linux Kernel level programming• Network modeling and simulations in Opnet Modeler and Matlab• Dimensioning Back haul networks based on the latency and data rates• Packet sniffing tools like wireshark• RF Engineering (Design and Optimization)

Work experience

Jan 2009Dec 2009

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Pittsburgh

•    Assisted Students enrolled in Computer Networks with packet sniffing tools like Wireshark. •    Guided students in Network Protocol Simulations projects in C/C++.

Jul 2009Sep 2009



•   Developed a realistic simulation model using Opnet Modeler for Network Traffic models from 3GPP and NGMN. •   Dimensioned Back haul networks based on the latency and data rates. •   Formulated regression equations for latency of HTTP pages against data rates using Matlab. •   Developed business cases for emerging technologies like Multicarrier HSPA through my simulations.

May 2006Jul 2006


Reliance Communications

•    Performed RF drive testing using Agilent E6474•    Used collected traces to analyze pilot power to optimize neighbor lists.•    Recommended antenna downtilt and power control to minimize pilot pollution.



Wireless Communications
Piezoelectric Igniter based energy harvesting for Wireless Sensors Networks                                              Dec, 2009 •    Investigated energy harvesting technologies for WSNs •    Developed a Piezoelectric pushbutton based energy generator for powering a RF Transmitter.   Implementation and performance evaluation of VoIP in 802.11b WLAN                                                          Apr, 2009 •    Benchmarked the performance of VoIP and Streaming Video over 802.11b WLAN. •    Measured Packet Delay Time and Jitter for different number of clients, background traffic and Signal strength.
Real Time Operating Systems
Real Time Embedded Systems Project                                                                                                      Feb, 2010 •    Built a Temperature Sensor System embedded application using MicroC OS II (RTOS) on Altera DE2 board. •    Interfaced a thermistor and keypad for sensing the ambient temperature and user input respectively. •    Nios II processor was used to calculate the average temperature for user selected granularity. •    Interfaced an Oscilloscope and LCD display to display the analog and digital temperature outputs respectively.
File system implementation                                                                                                                            Dec, 2009 •    Implemented a custom file system using FUSE (Linux kernel extension for writing file related system calls). •    The custom file system was a two level directory system with subdirectories containing regular files. •    User can interact with the file system with standard UNIX/Linux programs in a transparent way.   Linux Kernel programming                                                                                                                                  Oct, 2009 •    Implemented kernel space system calls and user space functions or a simple local message application. •    Used linked lists in the Kernel memory space for storing the messages. •    Used shell scripts to add a lot of messages quickly into the system for testing the developed application.   Transport layer and Routing layer network protocol simulations using C                                                Nov, 2008 •    Implemented a simple and reliable data transfer protocol using Go-back N scheme. •    Implemented distributed asynchronous distance vector routing protocol.


David Tipper

Dr. Tipper was my professor for the following courses

  • Network Design
  • Wireless Networks

Sameer Lalwani

Sameer was my Manager at Qualcomm, San Diego during my internship there.

We worked together in developing a more accurate simulation model for the traffic exchange that took place in the air interface of cellular networks.

Prashanth Krishnamurthy

Professor for the following Courses

  • Wireless Communications
  • Network Security

Worked with him on research projects like "Localization of Wireless nodes using Signal Strength"