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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Student Assistant

Drury University Olin Library
Sep 2009Present

Student Producer




I'm native Japanese speaker.
Shooting Video
Editing Video
Familiar with Final Cut Pro (FCP)


I grew up in Kagoshima, Japan and came to the U.S. for college. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with different cultures. After my four years of study, I believe that it was an excellent decision to travel abroad for my college life to Springfield, Missouri.In today’s diverse world of competing values and ideas, I feel that studying in a college with a large international student body granted me first-hand access to interactions with people of different cultures and backgrounds.This has been an essential element of my education.

At Drury University, I was actively involved in the campus radio and television stations, DUTV and KDRU. Additionally, I was also an important player for 2 years on the intramural soccer team.Having an on-campus job as a circulation assistant in the Olin Library allowed me to practice my English and communication skills. I also had the opportunity to backpack through China, Europe and Jamaica, which allowed me to change many of my perspectives on the world and expand my intellectual and cultural horizons.

I graduated from Drury University in 2010 and gained B.A. in Integrated Media, Global Perspective with a Business minor. Academically, the Drury experience opened my eyes.The university employs world-class professors and I worked alongside various talented students from around the globe.I value every homework assignment and group work opportunity I had while at the school, because the coursework not only allowed me to challenge myself but also allowed my ideas to compete with those of people of very diverse perspectives. In Japan, I studied in order to receive high grades, but here in the U.S. I learned to present my ideas effectively as well as to think creatively instead of merely searching for a way to obtain the best grade possible.Also, it was intellectually fulfilling to see people with different opinions debating and advocating for their point of view, rather than rigidly agreeing with the professors’ lectures.

          As a video production student, I spent much of my time learning video technique and making video packages for DUTV at a professional level.Working for DUTV as student producer was enjoyable, and the results of my hard work were rewarding.The experience trained me to have a sharp eye and the right attitude when it comes to video work. Most importantly, my perseverance and dedication to news media was rewarded when I got an internship at Ventana Production—one of the leading video production companies in Washington D.C, and an ideal place to work in news production.In the two month internship period, I gained an understanding of the professional work world of video production. Most importantly, it strengthened my desire to continue to pursue my dreams of video production.

          Since childhood, I have loved watching television, documentaries and movies. Every time when I watch them, I learn something and discover new ideas, and these ideas often change my own perspective. As these media have influenced me, I now want to influence others and present the right message with my video skills.


Documentary Film, Movie