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Work experience

Feb 2009Jan 2010

Productivity and Innovation Manager


Enhance effectiveness and productivity of the corporation’s workforce and its projects. Management and innovation processes.


  • Collaborate in the development of funding projects.
  • Design and develop logistics for the company’s processes and products.
  • Track and develop General Management’s special projects.
  • Track and develop new business opportunities detected by General Management.
  • Track and develop new sales opportunities presented.
  • Construct and expand organizational culture and climate between the employees of the different companies within the group, making all necessary adjustments.
  • Collaborate in the development of funding projects.
  • Constant learning and training in all areas of the Corporation.
  • Attend to and design management processes within the group.
  • Activities leading to enhance and increase General Management’s effectiveness and productivity.
  • Attend to and track General Management’s personal issues.


  • Generate Business plan for entrepreneur project.
  • Improve and enhance handbook and manual for ALCUM and ALEX courses.
  • Register trademark for IMPI Company.
  • Register copyright and writer rights in INDAUTOR.
Jun 2004Dec 2008

Master Operations Coach


Coach in charge of the daily pursuit of improving employee performance. Detection of opportunity areas on time, and therefore prevent impacts through metric analysis, with its tendencies and behaviors.


  • Employee development: training, motivation and follow-up.
  • Participation in Quality Calibrations with the client in order to optimize the service.
  • Providing supervision, monitoring and feedback to agents on the call floor, detecting strengths and opportunity areas in order to increment quality and productivity.
  • Provide support in operations floor: attention to agents and answering questions, personal attention to customers with escalated problems.
  • Welcome new employees, introduce them to the company, train them and provide feedback and follow-up.
  • Monthly and quarterly status of the business report to directors, along with specific improvement action plans.
  • Track individual employee performance and the floor’s performance through monitoring metrics and the client’s requirements; strategic planning.
  • Provide and receive monitoring, side-by-side, and one-on-one feedbacks.
  • Provide support to other coaches, trainers, operations managers in their daily interactions with their employees.
  • Create an incentive and motivation strategy to apply in the operations floor, mainly through contests which made agents strive to improve.
  • Acknowledge outstanding employees and provide recognition and awards to them.
  • Weekly interactions with the client to plan and execute required projects.


  • Developed a coverage plan to rotate staff employee’s weekly hours, in order to guarantee 100% on-floor support to agents.
  • Improvement plan to optimize staff employee’s daily schedules.
  • Restrictions Project: document and follow-up on every agent schedule and its restrictions.
  • Planned weekly staff meetings: check collaborator’s schedules, create an agenda and its content, assign times, recruit a time moderator, and create a post-meeting action plan along with follow-up meetings with participants.
  • Delivery, follow-up and audit administrative reports.
  • Assure continuous improvement: SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of current situation and the creation of a monthly action plan to cover and resolve it.
  • Creation and implementation of a shift rotation plan, with which face-time and quality-time was improved between staff members and operations agents in 40%.
  • Created an employee loyalty and retention tool, with which employee retention was improved in 20%


  • Coach of the Year- 2006
  • Personal team in first place, month after month
Aug 2002May 2004

Commercial Executive



  • Analysis, evaluation and selection of suppliers, price analysis and evaluate proposals.
  • Development of logistics and distribution processes, in order to guarantee product sales.
  • Internal accounting.
  • Inventory management, in order to minimize losses and guarantee sales.
  • Merchandising, design and positioning of product and promotion material.


  • Spanish 100% (first language)
  • English: 90% (written, spoken, read and translated), Quick Learning (2001 - 2002)


Professional experience in project management, business, course design and organization, employee management, and call center operations.


Continue in the pursuit for professional and personal growth and development, in order to achieve new knowledge and continue sharing that which I already posses. Work in a highly successful company and personally contribute to that success, to pride myself in my work.


  • Project/Program Management
  • Administration
  • Business
  • Consulting/Consulting Services
  • Call Center Operations Management

Training and Courses

  • ALEX Project Management
  • ALBA Project Management
  • ALCUM Project Management
  • Advanced Statistics Excel
  • Feedback Processes
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Quality Systems
  • Time Management

Personal Aptitudes

  • Employee management
  • Work under pressure
  • Urgency sense
  • Analytical
  • Responsible
  • Results-oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Proactive

Volunteer Work

Organization: Effeta ABP-  Special-needs NPO that provides education to children and young adults who present intellectual disabilities.

Dates: Jan 2008- present


  • Fund-raising, project designer and organizer.
  • Events, special events planning and execution.
  • Teacher and companion (math, computers, physical education).


Aug 1999Jan 2001

Médico Cirujano y Partero, incomplete

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León


IEX Totalview Workforce Management v. 3.5
CMS Supervisor R13
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel