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Work experience


Earlier experience includes Human Resources Director at DAVIS WALKER CORP. and HR Director, MARCO, INC (1981-1985); Western Region Manager, Human Resources, GNB TECHNOLOGIES (1978-1980).

Sep 2008Present



Interim consulting in the areas of strategy and organization development with a school district, large health care provider and a non-profit foundation and working on postgraduate studies at Marquette University, while searching for a VPHR/CHRO position.

Dec 2005Aug 2008

SVPHR & Administration

A $1 billion industry-leading international provider of innovative technical solutions and manufacturer of high quality sealing technology, plain bearing technology, wheel end seals and bearings, and air compressors in critical industrial applications.Company was formed via a spin-off from Goodrich, Inc., with 4,500 employees in 35 operating locations.

Senior Vice President Human Resources and Administration

Reported to President and CEO. Top global HR position with 31 direct and indirect reports worldwide.Member of Executive Committee.Significant Board and Compensation Committee interface.Provided global strategic and tactical leadership across all HR functions including Six Sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives.

  • Spearheaded improved performance planning/assessment, career development and succession planning processes. Improved alignment of pay and real performance, enhanced career development plans and accountability, and created improved, more reliable succession plans.
  • Revived kaizen, Six Sigma and lean programs and processes.Improved leadership accountability and employee engagement.Achieved $27.4 million in manufacturing and supply chain savings (year-on-year increase of $19 million).
  • Developed a more effective company-wide human resources strategy, planning and execution process for greater alignment and accountability.Instituted highly effective acquisition-related HR due diligence and business integration processes.
  • Spearheaded strategic health and retirement program design balancing EnPro’s and employees’ financial goals.Capped defined benefit pension plan and replaced with an enhanced 401(k) plan reducing FASB expense by nearly $30 million.Enhanced and expanded the consumer-driven health care plan achieving over $3 million in savings. 
  • Established improved executive and mid-level management development programs.Developed company-wide President’s Award of Excellence and Technical Fellowship recognition programs. 
  • Served on management board to successfully expand EnPro into China and India.
  • As chief labor relation’s officer, led the processes to successfully negotiate agreements in the U.S., France and Germany leading to cooperative relationships, 5-year agreements, and competitive costs.

Family reasons, related to an aging parent, required that we return to the Midwest.  These matters have been resolved.

Feb 2002Nov 2005

SVP Human Resources

Integris Metals, Incorporated

A $3.5+ billion industry-leading metals distributor serving the automotive, construction, consumer appliances, fabrication, food processing equipment and transportation markets; 4,000 employees in 70 U.S. and Canada locations. Newly created corporation via merger of metals distribution businesses of Alcoa and BHP Billiton.

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Reported to President and CEO. Top global human resources position with 24 direct and indirect reports. Significant Board and Compensation Committee interface. Provided global strategic and tactical leadership across all HR functions including Six Sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives.

  • LaunchedSix Sigma and lean manufacturing programs / processes; significantly increasing employee engagement; and achieving over $13 million to the bottom line within the first year of implementation. 

  • Directed development of highly effective organization development, succession and career planning programs assuring the talent necessary to increase sales from $1.25 to $3.5+ billion.

  • Developed effective team and leadership development resulting in an environment considered ‘the best place to invest a career’ by employees.

  • Led the identification and directed the implementation of an HRIS enabling greater effectiveness and efficiencies; leading to an annual reduction of 60,000 paper transactions to less than 3,000 and $.5 million annual savings. 

  • Developed a more effective pay for performance based salary structure and salary planning process; developed more effective sales incentive compensation programs; and improved the management incentive plan.Operating profit quintupled to over $200 million and return on working capital improved from 15% to over 30%. 

  • Spearheaded strategic health and retirement programs while balancing Integris’ and employee financial goals; resulting in savings of more than $5 million over 3 years. 

  • As chief labor relations officer, transformed labor relations processes with 28 local unions out of 70 locations leading to cooperative relationships and aligned objectives, five year agreements, and cost structure in line with business earnings model.

  • Created an energized culture delivering highly effective ‘customer focused’ human resources services.

After successfully creating Integris Metals, doubling sales and quadrupling profits, we sold the company to Ryerson Inc. for significantly more value than anticipated through the impending IPO.During the transition, an executive recruiter introduced the SVPHR and Administration position at EnPro Industries, Inc.

Jan 2000Jan 2002

General Manager-3 Phase Welding

ITW Miller Electric-3 Phase Welding Business

ITW’s $900 million manufacturer of arc welding equipment for the automotive, construction, consumer, fabrication and pipeline sectors..

General Manager-3 Phase Welding Systems Business Unit

P&L, general management responsibility of the $150 million 3 Phase Systems division.Oversaw 10 direct and 150 indirect reports. Reported to the Group Executive Vice President.

  • Developed and led implementation of market driven product development process resulting in improved positioning and launch of six new designs, and improved development effectiveness.

  • Launched an international growth strategy and business plan; led the development of a new product to open Mexico, Brazil and China; 2001 international sales increased to over 20% of total.
  • Developed strategic alliances to open non-welding applications and markets; rapid battery charging systems for forklifts and power conversion for hybrid on-road electric vehicles. 

  • Developed and led an operations review resulting in simplification of processes and improved quality-cost-delivery performance; operating income and net profit improved to over 35% and 25% to sales, respectively.

This was an interim position.After successfully completing projects to open up markets and sales in China and Mexico, an executive recruiter introduced the outstanding SVPHR opportunity at Integris Metals, Inc. and the potential to return to my chosen profession.

Jul 1997Dec 1999

President and CEO

Barton Employment Outsourcing, LLC

Entrepreneurial launch of an award-winning $45 million human resources outsourcing business, serving 15 clients with 1,500 employees in 13 states.

President and CEO

Developed strategy, business plan and secured capital for launch, and assumed full P&L operating responsibility.

  • Designed and implemented a relationship based ‘client for life’ sales and service process. 
  • Identified and formed strong relationships with key alliance partners in areas such as systems, business insurance, benefits, retirement plans, workers’ compensation, accounting services, banking, and legal.

  • Led business development, selling, closing and new client transitions.

  • 1999 PEO Excellence Award in recognition of quality client relationships & service delivery capabilities.

  • Successfully sold and transitioned Barton.

After successfully launching Barton, achieving rapid sales growth and solid financial performance, a private capital firm in Florida offered a strong price to buy us.  I sold Barton and was recruited to an interim role at ITW.

Jul 1986Jun 1997

Senior Vice President Human Resources

GNB Technologies, Inc.

GNB TECHNOLOGIES, INC.Minneapolis, MN and Atlanta, GA

A $2 billion global manufacturer of batteries and developer of electrical technologies for automotive, consumer, utilities, telecom, and military sectors; 15,000 employees in 30 operating locations worldwide.

Senior Vice President Human Resources1986 – 1997

Reported to President and CEO.Top global HR position with 30 direct and indirect reports. Member of Executive Committee.Significant Board and Compensation Committee interface.Provided global strategic and tactical leadership across all HR functions including Six Sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives.

  • Directed development of a succession-planning program essential to assuring the talent necessary to grow sales from $350 million to over $2.0 billion.

  • Directed reengineering of the incentive compensation and performance management programs leading to improved effectiveness by managers and improved understanding by individuals and teams about their roles in creating value.Net profit increased from breakeven to over 11% of sales or $80 million with $60 million free cash. 

  • Launched kaizen and six sigma continual improvement processes, learning organization programs, process analysis and improvement programs, etc., significantly improving employee engagement and customer focus worldwide. 

  • Developed and implemented curriculum for team and leadership development. 

  • Developed highly effective recruiting techniques in a rapid growth and globalizing environment. 

  • Spearheaded strategic health and retirement programs balancing GNB’s and employees financial goals. 

  • As chief labor relations officer, transformed labor relations process with seven unions leading to cooperative relationships, unprecedented work rule streamlining, 5-year agreements, and labor peace.

  • Developed and disseminated an effective diversity learning program GNB wide.

President, GNB Environmental Services, Inc., Atlanta, GA1994 – 1997

Full P&L responsibility for a $35 million technology-based environmental remediation services business with offices in the U.S. and Australia.Reported to President and CEO.

  • Founded ESI based on proprietary technologies to stabilize heavy metals in soils. 

  • Drove rapid sales growth to $35 million in third year, generated over $4 million in free cash in 1997, and delivered EBIT performance in top 10% of the industry.

  • Orchestrated a successful sale and transition of the business. 

After more than quadrupling sales and profitability, and expanding into Europe and Asia, we sold GNB Technologies, Inc. to Exide Inc. and GNB Environmental to Mactec Inc. (now Law Environmental).I launched Barton Employment Outsourcing, a new human resources outsourcing company.  


PhD Candidate - Work in progress.

Marquette University

BA Business Administration

Jan 1981Jun 1985





  • Highly driven and accomplished executive with profit and loss responsibility as well as expertise in developing performance based cultures, strategic planning, and the lead role in human resources.
  • Valued contributor to the executive team, both as a consensus builder and leader of strategic talent management and organizational effectiveness initiatives aligned with business goals.

  • Demonstrated success in executing organizational change, productivity improvement, and high impact cost reduction strategies.Acquisition, merger and integration experience.

  • Comprehensive background spans all HR leadership and management competencies.Board of directors, compensation committee and executive compensation experience.


To VPHR/CHRO Search Leaders:

In my Vice President Human Resources positions with GNB Technologies, Inc., Integris Metals, Inc. and EnPro Industries, Inc. I reported to the CEO and President.In these assignments, I was responsible for all operational and strategic human resource activities serving over 20,000 employees located in 30 countries.

During my 16 years in these positions, we built business focused HR strategies that moved HR from administrators to strategic partners.Along the way, we reduced HR costs by as much as 30%, retooled the HR team, implemented best in class HR practices, and remade all of the compensation and benefit programs in line with the strategic and financial needs of the businesses.I am pursuing the senior human resources position in a company whose needs match my experience and am open to relocation.

In addition to HR my career has involved successful leadership positions in general management, a successful entrepreneurial venture, acquisitions/divestitures, and strategic planning.I am a global multi-functional leader focused on driving significant change by mobilizing a team of people committed to results.I offer the experience of a business person with a passion for human resources:

  • Senior human resources experience in public and private businesses with global scope;
  • Proven contributor to the executive team, both as a consensus builder and leader of strategic talent management and organizational effectiveness initiatives aligned with business goals;
  • Background spans best practices in all HR competencies;
  • Acquisition and merger integration experience;
  • Demonstratedsuccessexecuting organizational change, productivity improvement, and high impact cost reduction strategies;
  • Board and compensation committee experience; and
  • General management with full p&l responsibility in order to be a true business partner as a senior human resources executive. 

I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from California State University, Fullerton.  

On an interim basis, I am consulting in the areas of strategy and organization with a school district, large health care provider and a non-profit foundation and working on postgraduate studies at Marquette University in Milwaukee, with an emphasis on organizational development and change management, while searching for a VPHR/CHRO position.

Thank you very much for your time in considering my qualifications and I look forward to talking with you in the near future.


John R. "Jack" Smith 

436 Sir Howard Circle

Kohler, WI 53044


[email protected]