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Work experience

Jun 2008Present


Appliance Brokers

My job at Appliance Brokers, was a paid internship. I have worked their the last two summers as a salesman. I would assist callers looking for appliances, and help them find what they needed. I would also contact builders and other people I felt were potential buyers. I would also post items on eBay. This job taught me a lot. It gave me great sales experience and showed me the everyday activities of an established business. It was really good practice for jobs in the future. I feel more comfortable and confident dealing with sales, since working at Appliance Brokers.

Oct 2006Present


Boston Beanery

I am a waiter at one of the most popular restaurants in Morgantown, West Virginia. I have been a loyal and dedicated employee for over three years. Being a waiter taught me a lot of things about sales and dealing with people. When you are waiting on someone, you are virtually that table's salesmen. You sell them what they want, and deal with them,whether it's being complaints, or positive feedback, your goal is to make sure they enjoy their experience. This job also gave me good experience with working under pressure. The restaurant industry is a fast-paced never stopping industry. You always have to be on top of your game. People loose their cools all the time, remaining calm and doing your job is essential to being a good waiter. I have become much better over time at doing so. I am now one of the head waiters at the Boston Beanery. I take pride in my job every-time I go in.

Jun 2006Aug 2008

Soccer Instructor

Rover's Soccer Camp

For three summers, I worked with kids to help them improve their skills in soccer. I was responsible for the safety and well-being of the children I watched over. I had to know what to do in certain situations, especially if an emergency would arise. Soccer has always been one of my favorite hobbies, so it was nice having a job doing what I love.


Business Management

West Virginia University

I am majoring in business management, while minoring in Communications.


My name is Harrison Stein. I am currently a senior at West Virginia University, and will be graduating in May. I am majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communications. My goal for when I graduate is to get a job involving sales. I enjoy working with people, and having a job where incentives matter. Working for a goal and knowing that the harder you work really pays off, makes me extra motivated. This is why a job in sales I feel is perfect for me. I feel that I will be a strong asset to whichever company I end up working for after graduation. I am hardworking, dedicated, loyal, and always determined to work to the best of my abilities. 


Here is a list of my interests. (In no particular order)






-Going to concerts

-Playing the stock-market

-Playing Bass Guitar


My objective for this add is to find a job in sales that best suites me.


Extra Curricular Activities

WVU Hillel- President 2007-2008

Hillel is a primarily Jewish organization on campus. It is a place where students go and hang out, and also celebrate the major Jewish holidays. There are about 3 weekly events. As president, I was mainly in charge to make sure everything ran smoothly, and to make everyone's experience at Hillel the best that it could be.

WVU Entrepreneurship Club 2008-Present

WVU Pre-Legal Society- 2008-Present


Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Office, and PowerPoint
If the job requires working with computers and knowing how to work them fairly well, that will not be a problem with me. I have received education and experience working with computers.


WVU Dean's List



Kevin Curry

Spencer Rockman

Larry Stein