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    Work in a results oriented company that seeks an ambitious and career-conscious person, where acquired skills and education will be utilized toward continued growth and advancement.Overview    Business Administration student with a customer service focus. Dedicated and committed with a strong work ethic and self-motivation. Outstanding oral communication skills, listening effectively and determining customer needs I work well with others. I bring a unique blend of tenacity, humor, flexibility, leadership skills, and other motivating qualities, and I am able to give you a lot for your employer investment. I am adept at both oral and written communication and interact effectively with individuals of all levels. I have earned a reputation as a valuable and cooperative coworker by being fair, honest, and willing to help others when needed.

Work experience


Kelly Services

      • Placed and poured products and materials into containers, using hand tools and equipment

• Loaded materials and products into package processing equipment

• Cleaned containers, materials, and work area, using cleaning solutions and hand tools

• Started machine, by engaging controls

• Removed finished packaged items from machine and separated rejected items

• Counted and recorded finished and rejected packaged items

• Cleaned, oiled, and made minor repairs to machinery and equipment

• Inspected and removed defective product and packaging material

QM Lead, Manufacturing Inspector, Assembler


      • Marked, affixed, and stamped product and container to identify defects, and denote grade and size information

• Recorded inspection and tested data, such as weight, temperature, grade, moisture content and number inspected and graded

• Discarded and routed defective products and contaminants for rework and reuse

• Notified supervisor and specified personnel of deviations from specifications, machine malfunctions, and need for equipment maintenance

• Read work order to determine inspection criteria and to verify identification numbers and product type

• Counted number of product tests, inspected, stacked, and arranged for further processing, shipping, and packing

• Measured dimensions of product, using measuring instruments, such as rulers, gauges, and micrometers, to verify conformance to specifications

• Examined product and monitored processing of product, using any and all of five senses, to determine defects and grade

• Read and interpreted schematic drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, work ordered, and reports to determine materials requirements and assembly instructions

Sep 2006Present

Security Officer


      • Developed sharp observation skills for noticing people, details, and effects

• Enhanced ability to provide state-of-the-art protection for high level corporations and their senior personnel

• Ensured safety for customers and tenants, assisted customers when needed, enforced facility rules and regulations and assisted law enforcement persons

• Accurately prepare and complete reports, records, logs and related documents

• Patrol and respond to diverse calls, able to enter hostile situations and lower hostility level quickly

• Monitor all security equipment, ensuring full functionality

• Conduct interior and exterior patrols, fire and safety checks

Jan 2005Sep 2006

Customer Service Representative

Property Insurance Co.

      • Provided superior customer service and work quality while demonstrating attention to detail, flexibility and innovation in resolving problems. Possess effective communications skills, and work well with others at all levels

• Built rapport with customers through effective and precise communication

• Answered inbound sales calls

Apr 2004Nov 2004

Machine operator

Maplewood Packers

      • Started machine by engaging controls

• Cleaned, oiled, and made minor repairs to machinery and equipment

• Observed machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled and packaged products to standards

• Stopped and reset machine when malfunction occurs and cleared machine jams

• Regulated machine flow, speed, and temperature

• Tended and operated machine that packages product