Harold Sobel

Harold Sobel



Healthcare Teaching

Accomplished in all aspects of clinical instruction for both Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting programs. I have also done classroom instruction for both programs on a part time basis.  

Computer Technology

  TECHNICAL SKILLS ·      Operating Systems: Dos,Win9x/2k/NT/XP,Linux. ·      Utilities: Norton Ghost, Microsoft RIS and Exchange Server, Oracle/SQL. ·      Networking: Set up and maintenance of home/small business networks. CISCO CCNA. ·      Hardware:  Assemble/maintenance and troubleshooting of PC computer hardware. ·      Programming:  Visual Basic .Net  

Healthcare simulation systems

Proficient in setup of simulation systems, running of simulation scenarios and writing scenarios using Laerdal simulation programming software. Accomplished in hardware and software for creating simulation suites as well as for broadcasting and narrowcasting of simulation settings. Well versed in running simulations including the feedback and critique sessions required for follow up. 

Work experience

Work experience

Dental Surgeon

Practice: Engaged in Private Practice in London, Ontario 

Associated in Private Practice in Dresden/Chatham, Ontario

Engaged in Solo Private Practice in Toronto, Ontario

Engaged in Private Practice in Scarborough, Ontario

Associated in private practice, Bramalea, Ontario

·Experience ranges from sole proprietorship to large, multi site group practice

with 6 principal dentists, 4 hygienists, 2 denture therapists, and 25 auxiliary personal

·As well as clinical dentistry, was responsible for liaison with office managers, bookkeeper, and accounting personnel; supervision of para-dental personnel; physical plant and sundry management; and general business planning

Educational: Board of Health, City of Scarborough, Instrumental in the set up of public school dental program. 

Seneca College Dental Sciences Dept., North York, ON. Clinical demonstrator and part-time instructor in Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting programs

Professional: Participated in the Academy of Dentistry Emergency Services program

Assisted in clinical program Toronto Academy of Dentistry Winter Clinic

Elected Councilor East Toronto Dental Society

Continuing Education:

Participated in more than 30 hours of continuing education per year, indicative of

Dedication to life long learning

Dental Surgeon

Sep 2007 - Present

Healthcare Simulation Specialist

Fanshawe College

Areas of Expertise

·Responsible for installation, maintenance, and instruction in all of the medical and health care simulation equipment in the college

·Maintains all health care labs and equipment

·Did extensive research and consultation on acquiring new teaching equipment and systems for the Health Sciences department

·Clinical instructor in Dental Hygiene Clinic

.    Instrumental in creating the Simulation Suites for use by the various Healthcare Faculties

Jan 2007 - May 2010

Clinical Instructor

Fanshawe College

Involved in clinical demonstration and teaching of both the Dental Assistant, and Dental Hygiene programs.

Jun 2004 - Oct 2007

Senior Helpdesk Technologist

Fanshawe College


·Operating Systems: Dos,Win9x/2k/NT/XP,Linux

·Utilities: Norton Ghost, Microsoft RIS and Exchange Server, Oracle/SQL

·Networking: Set up and maintenance of home/small business networks. CISCO CCNA

·Hardware: Assemble/maintenance and troubleshooting of PC computer hardware

·Programming:Visual Basic .Net

 Areas of Expertise

·Involved in the day to day maintenance of both the hardware and software necessary for a large educational institution involving 3200 staff and 1500 student machines

·Extensive experience with all of the Microsoft operating systems as well as Microsoft office and other proprietary software packages

·Responsibility of working with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server and Client (i.e. Outlook), set up, maintenance and deployment or Ghost and RIS image servers

·Utilized in-depth diagnostic skills which are a solid skill set as they were acquired and honed for over thirty years

·Opportunity to serve many of the academic and administrative staff, where have proven ability to interact with others in a positive manner

· Key player in instituting the Auto Evaluator program for Dental Hygiene clinical competencies




Athabaska University

In Progress.


George Brown College

Certificate in Personal Training

American College of Exercise


University of Toronto


York University
Sep 2002 - May 2004

Computer Systems Technologist

Fanshawe College