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Work experience


General Manager / Founder

Red Hot Talent Co., Ltd.

1.Based in Taipei. Service coverage includes Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing

    and Shenzhen. Representative clients include Abbott Taiwan and


2.Devised and implemented market program & strategy for Abbott

    nutrition containing Ensure, Glucerna and Prosure. Conducted

    integrated media plans between newspaper and Web site for Colgate-

    Palmolive’s oral care products.

3.Abbott is global, broad-based health care company. Leveraging its

    technology leadership and innovation, strategies combined with

    corporate citizenship focus on advancing medical science and

    technologies with expertise. Collaborated with local medical

    associations, organize both seminars and urban primary health care

    service activities that integrate health promotion, education, prevention

    as well as curative care. Health care campaigns have obtained mass

    media exposure and received significant attention to its visual identity.

4. Help setting up new multimedia entertainment company in Shanghai, its

    biz containing movie production, mobile games, and concert tours.

Mar 2007Jul 2007

Head of casual entertainment

User Joy Technology Co., ltd

1.Based in Beijing reporting to board chairman in Taipei. Responsible for

    business operation in China. User Joy Technology is leading designer

    of massively multiplayer online games in Taiwan.

2.Cooperated with China Network Systems to launch first SMS

    application for integrated across Mobile and PC online games in

    Taiwan. Only a few Taiwanese fellow companies apply PC online

    games to mobile versions and none offers mobile online games based

    on GPRS and WAP because such services incur large cost of general

    packet and entail connection with telecommunication networks and

    game servers. Accessed SMS for data logging from PC to mobile or

    mobile back to PC are much cheaper than GPRS. In addition mobile

    online gaming will amount to RMB$714 million market in China by 2008.

    This revolution will increase revenues and foster rapid growth in China.

3.Established join promotion with Taiwan’s biggest publisher Cite

    Publishing Group for new product launch.


Marketing Consultant

BND E-Home Co., ltd

1.Based in Shenzhen reporting to president in Beijing. Responsible for

    sales, marketing and expanding retail network. E-Home was

    combination of IKEA, B&Q and Fortress Hong Kong Electronics retailer.

    It offered one-stop shop convenience in consumer electronics,

   household appliances and DIY supplies for the home & garden.

    Founded by China National Building Material Group Corporation.

2.Broke all Taiwanese drama records. Due to make huge impression on

    customers, leading to more first glance interest and strong brand

    identity, devised drama series based on memoir for E-Home with China

    Central Television. Got shooting approval in 2004 from SARFT (The

    State Administration of Radio, Film and Television are in charge of

    China's radio, television and film industry).

3.In order to maintain and enhance leading position, collaborated with

    Shenzhen Radio Station Music Channel expanding 2 hours live

    program in E-Home radio broadcast studio everyday. Arranged coffee

    house & internet café engaged with Starbucks. After these services

    were provided, revenue and number of customers had increased quite

    a lot.

4.Drove and launched co-branded credit cards in China with Shenzhen

    Development Bank and obtained over RMB$ 10 million sponsorship



General Manager/Founder

Red Hot Talent Co., ltd

1. Founded as integrated marketing communications firm. Representative

   clients included Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Hey Song


2.In charge of Samsung’s home appliance products, mobile phone & IT

    products extending the product listing in channel and proposed

    marketing strategies, plans, integrate programs. In view of success of

    Korean movie and drama in Taiwan, exploited and held event attended

    by top Korean celebrities then and there. Consecutive branding

    improvement resulted Samsung became the Taiwan’s top brand for the

    first time, according to consumer survey of 2000.

3.Enhancing competitiveness and improving corporate Image of Samsung

    Taiwan, devised product placement between TV and Newspaper. This

   execution featured of its world’s leading telecommunication;

    semiconductor and digital convergence technology appeared very

    largely in prime time TV news and newspaper headlines. Additionally,

    introduced Samsung’s community activities involved with volunteer

    activities, environmental work, and other supporting philanthropic

    activities. Afterward, Samsung cooperated with local manufacturers to

    expand its distributionnetwork, sales revenue and number of dealers

    and distributors had increased by 150%.

 4.Drove and launched background music of multimedia shows for

    Hey   Song museum.


Senior Manager

Sony Music Taiwan Co., ltd

1. Based in Taipei reporting to director of Mandarin repertoire of Epic

    Music in Taiwan. Responsible for strategy, crossover and artist

    management in Greater China.

2. On the strength of Lee Wen struggled against Chang Huimei, gained

    China's leading mobile phone maker Ningbo Bird to sign 2- year deal

    with Lee to endorse their products. In the meantime, drove market

    campaigns to compete against Sprite and its spokesperson Chang

    Huimei, after soliciting support from China leading carbonated beverage

    manufacturer Wa-Ha-Ha, resulted sales of Lee in 1999 were 139% of


3.Leveraged deep fashion & luxury industry relationships and resources

    to accelerate Lee Wen to endorse both of Cartier in Asia and Tommy

    Hilfiger in Taiwan throughout 2000.

4.Aligned Wang Leehom with Cotton USA and Taiwan’s top 3 tea

    beverage company Sanyo Whisbih Group, improved Wang’s sales

    performance by 65% in 1999 and reduced advertising cost up to 40%.

5.For artist development, devised market program for Michelle Cheng and

    cooperated with KYMCO Motor Taiwan, KGT-Online, Miller Beer and

    Uni-Charm Taiwan. After 3 month promotion period, Michelle Cheng

    won the most popular advertising endorser award of 2000 from Taiwan

    Advertisers’ Association.


Cheif of Business Development

What’s Music Taiwan Co., ltd

1.Based in Taipei reporting to GM in Taiwan. Responsible for strategy,

    crossover and artist management.

2.From 1996 to 1997, devised and implemented market strategy for both

    of Aiwa Electronics and Taiwanese artist Xiong Tianping and

    consecutively achieved 2 years of gold award year-end global sales &

    promotion contest of Aiwa Electronics. Additionally, Aiwa gained the

    largest market share of audio equipment and replaced Sony as NO.1

    audio maker in Taiwan, Xiong also won the 8th Golden Melody Awards

    and his album gained Top 5 sales of the year in Taiwan.

3.In order to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction, interactive

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system successfully

    developed and put in commercial operation. Cooperated with Xunyi

    Telecom, pager operator in Taiwan to manage fan clubs through this

    system since 1998. Xunyi Telecom generated NT$200 million mobile

    service revenue on tailor-made pager named by famous singer Hsu

    Ruyun in its first year and exceeded NT$220 million in 1999.

    Additionally, Hsu’s sales increased by 25% and reduced customer

    acquisition costs about 35%.

4.World Vision Taiwan held its 10th 30 Hour Famine Activity in 1999,

    spearheaded several popular Taiwanese artists and devised integrated

    media plans between TV and newspaper. Collected donation of

    NT$120 million to the World Vision Taiwan within 30 days after first


5.Personally drove new business sales by adding major accounts

    including PGO Scooters, McDonald's Taiwan, Procter & Gamble Asia,

    Hey Song Corporation, DHC Taiwan, Aiwa Electronics, Tourism

    Authority of Thailand and Kodak.


Director of Rock Communications

Rock Records Taiwan Co., ltd

1.Helped set up and maintained relationship with licensees in China,

    launched Chinese self-defining rock label “CHINA FIRE” with key rock

    artists bands from Beijing, such as Tang Dynasty and Dou Wei. Also

    developed new business opportunities with Coca Cola China and

    Ogilvy & Mather China Office, personally obtained sponsorship form

    Coca Cola Beijing for weekly 1-hour radio program “Rock Music

    Magazine” in Beijing and Shanghai.

2.Supervised Rock Communications Taiwan and held P&L

    responsibilities including budgeting and forecasting since 1993.

    Directed independent team to contrive and hold music concerts of top

    local and regional artists such as Chau Wakin, To Dewei, Lee

    Zhongsheng, Lin Yilian, Chao Chuan and Chen Sheng. Drove new

    business revenue by adding major accounts including Hang Tan,

    Sanyang Industry, Vitalon Foods, Uni-President Enterprises Corp, Kao

    Taiwan and 7-Eleven.

3.Took leading part in company's join venture project and helped setting

    up Pony Canyon Taiwan.



Management of Business

Tsung Yu College

Professional Accomplishments


1.Language Skills: Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese and English

2. Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint


Take the new position as another challenge and completely confident to tackle in order to bring the business to upper stage, leveraging over 15 years experience in advertising and media industry plus extensive exposure in Greater China.


1. Over 15 years working experience in advertising and media industry, including

    8 years of P&L management.

2. Broad Industry coverage includes fast moving consumer goods, fashion, luxury,

    technology, medicine, health, entertainment and retail.

3. Experience in working for international and local firm. Understand cultural

    difference and have strong agility to accommodate.

4.Experience and success in crossover marketing extensive online/offline 


5. Full mastery of driving public relations feature, experience on various marketing

    mix and strategically combine ATL and BTL activities.

Professional Accomplishments

2007Spearheaded and launched first SMS application for integrated

          across Mobile and PC online games.

 2005Beijing Youth Weekly Magazine Columnist since early November

          2005 up to now, consecutive 35-month column and reach 15 million


2004Broke all Taiwanese drama records. Devised drama series with

          China Central Television and got government approval.

          Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese Version of memoir had

          sold an estimated 60,000 copies since 2004.

2000Consolidated and synergize resources with KYMCO Motor, Miller

          Beer, KGT-Online and Uni-Charm, won the most popular

          advertising endorser award from Taiwan Advertisers’ Association.

1999Led in 30 Hour Famine Activity, collected donation of NT$120

          million to World Vision Taiwan within 30 days after first


1998Created new interactive CRM (Customer Relationship

          Management) system with pager operator. Generated NT$200

          million mobile service revenue in its first year and exceeded

           NT$220 million in 1999.

1996Consecutively achieved 2 years(1996&1997) of gold award

          year-end global sales & promotion contest of Aiwa Electronics.