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Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Accounting Clerk

Taiwan Power Company

I'm a financial record keeper who uses specialized ledgers and software to record and process expenditures, receipts, payroll and all other financial transactions for a business or organization.

Aug 2014Oct 2014

Account Executive


We helps build up a company’s reputation and exposure online by using a variety of internet tools and solutions. ex. online display ads and search engine marketing.

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Tour Guide

Jinhsing Cairns Pty Ltd

I am giving guided tours to groups of visitors. I learn about  the history of the location and offer my tour groups interesting or enlightening information about points of interest at nature attractions, historic sites, museums, scenic locations, and other travel destinations.

Sep 2011Jan 2013

Assistant Account Executive

China Economic News Service

I had to proof and layout advertising copies. In addition, I needed to communicate with the design department and the business department for purpose of publishing magazines smoothly. Therefore, I can strengthen the communication and coordination ability.

Jul 2010Jun 2011

Account Executive

Bravo FM91.3
  1. Meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs
  2. Presenting campaign ideas and costings to clients
  3. Negotiating with clients, solving any problems and making sure deadlines are met
  4. Checking and reporting on the campaign's progress
  5. Keeping in contact with the client at all stages of the campaign


Sep 2006Jun 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Chinese Culture University
  1. Integrated consumer profile

Our adviser Professor Pan is a manager from EICP (Eastern Integrated Consumer Profile). She took us to visit the company and did the internship report there. She also taught us how to analyze the chart and understand consumer behavior. We were like detectives to parse and use the data. It was not only a practical, but also interesting course.

2. Marketing programs

We participated in a big advertising competition named 18th Times Young Creative Awards. It was a competition about marketing proposal. We spent much time and energy to analyze competitors, use the SWOT analysis, set the strategic objective and do brainstorming. Because of our efforts, we could enter the final. Although we didn’t get a prize, we gained valuable experience.

3. Ability to make the project available

This was a very important and final project in college. We had to visit clients and understand what the customer’s need. We not only planned the advertising project, but also made the project available. Our client is Order furniture. The manager let us to take advantage of creativity and expertise. We were happy to let everyone to know Order more in our graduation exhibition.



Windows XP, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator






May 2015May 2017



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