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Over the years, I have helped companies of different sizes in various industries (including biopharma & telecom) to better understand their competitive environment, to refine their extant assumptions regarding competitors & markets, and to ultimately make better decisions.Applying my keen ability to distinguish signal from noise in complex and dynamic markets and my proficiency in conducting both primary & secondary intelligence investigations, I have been successful in assisting pharma companies in validating in-licensing targets, discovering blind spots in annual planning & forecast, identifying potential threats, and assessing risks.I have also been successful in assisting a global telecom service provider to increase business revenue, spot growth opportunities as the company went through transition, and achieve sharpened differentiation in crowded markets. My lead in designing & implementing a new business intelligence process at a diversified company enabled senior management to capitalize on lessons learned from lost business opportunities.Winning several Marketing Achievement Awards at a Fortune 100 company bears testimony to the concrete results I have delivered.

Work experience



LCN Consulting


(A boutique consulting firm specializing in investigating competitive intelligence in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries, serving mid-sized & Fortune 500 client accounts)

·Completing commission work on ad-hoc basis.

·A Fortune 100 client account was engaged in an internal debate on the choice of target customers & supporting trial designs of an in-licensed product undergoing Phase II development.The primary intelligence I gleaned from KOLs (key opinion leaders) on relevant disease state & patient pathways seriously challenged the prior beliefs of the project team.My research allowed the client to recalibrate target patient populations & supporting clinical trial end points.

·A mid-sized client account was conducting critical due diligence in assessing in-licensing a first-in-class compound to enrich its branded portfolio.The intelligence I distilled from primary & secondary investigations uncovered market opportunities as well as potential competing compounds unforeseen by the client.My research contributed to validating the client’s planned target while providing a clearer understanding of the target market to improve future planning.


Sr. Account Manager

LCN Consulting, Inc.

·      A Fortune 100 client was anticipating an imminent threat to its dominant market position from a new competing product. The primary intelligence I uncovered among P&T committee members of managed care organizations ranging in size from small, medium to large, strongly suggested that the competitive threat was not as serious as management had previously anticipated since the formulary status of the new competitive entry would not be superior to the client's product. 

·To support the generation of annual revenue forecasts for a major client account’s key product lines, through primary intelligence vetted among high-quality human sources, I uncovered a surprising entry to the US market by a foreign manufacturer with a product in an advanced stage of development.This critical knowledge prompted the client to develop more realistic forecasts based on the new competitive landscape.

·To support the annual planning of a Fortune 100 client, I provided targeted intelligence which shed new light on the level of threat of the entry of a new class of treatments.My analysis of the conditions that could potentially alter the competitive landscape also suggested a timeline when the threat was likely to materialize.


“Cathy has demonstrated, on multiple occasions, the ability to conduct several tasks simultaneously while keeping the quality of the end products at an extremely high level. She is a quintessential professional who understands the biopharmaceutical industry dynamics and can get the 'right' information into the hands of the people who require it to excel in their roles …”

-- VP Operations, LCN Consulting, Inc.


Director, NJ Community Initiatives

American Cancer Society

·To reach the fund-raising goal despite a major staff turnover prior to my joining the Society, I identified & segmented existing & potential donor targets and worked with senior management to develop appropriate strategies.My team exceeded fund-raising goals by 7% during three months.

·To continue growing the volunteer network to support the Society’s mission despite a major staff turnover prior to my joining the Society, I identified & partnered with influential volunteers & key community leaders and achieved a ratio of 167% of new to old volunteers, substantially exceeding the target ratio of 100% set by the Society.


Lead Analyst, Strategy & Business Development

·To support the negotiating team to win a major federal contract, I thoroughly researched industry best practices through both primary & secondary sources, which enabled the team to win the contract valued at $11.5M for 2 base years, plus 8 additional yearly options.

·The parent company trailed behind its archrival in launching a strategic service offering to tap into a growth market estimated at $1B+. Through primary & secondary intelligence investigations, I uncovered key service gaps in the competitor’s offerings. This critical insight spurred the development team to firm up the offer launch date and to develop a stronger positioning messaging based on a superior product offering, which more than offset a brief lapse in the market availability of the offer.

·To support decision-making on product development priority & resource allocation to make further inroads to a strategic growth market valued at $1B+ in 2007, I conducted portfolio gap analyses of key competitors’ service portfolios & presented my findings to the SVP of Product Development.My detailed analysis of a key competitor’s superior development platforms allowed the SVP & the Product Development Team to refine their analysis of competition & reopened internal debate over development & funding priorities.


“Cathy’s work was always thorough and insightful. Her findings were presented concisely and logically with the facts to support them. Her work style was conscientious and hard working. Her skill and efforts have been missed at AT&T.”

-- Executive Director, AT&T 


Sr. Information Specialist, Strategic Planning & Development

BASF/Knoll Pharmaceutical Company

·The clinical development team was pursuing a conventional regulatory filing path for the line extension of one of the parent company’s flagship products.My uncovering the granting of regulatory “fast-track review” to a competing product prompted the team to explore alternative filing strategies by comparing the target indications & product profile with those of the competing product.

·To allow the parent company to continue leveraging the brand equity of its flagship pain management franchise in order to strengthen the top line as the franchise fast approached maturity, I analyzed both ongoing & discontinued pipeline compounds and worked with the life-cycle management team to identify in-licensing candidates.The team subsequently recommended to the senior leadership team an in-licensing candidate which showed promise of increased potency & reduced side effects resulting from its unique mechanism of action.

·Competitive intelligence gathering, analysis & sharing within the parent company were fragmented at best, which had led to lost business opportunities.I led an intelligence audit among mid- & upper-level management to uncover intelligence gaps through one-on-one interviews.I also developed an integrated process for collecting, investigating, and analyzing critical intelligence and successfully implemented the new process with the full support of the senior leadership team.

·To position the parent company as the ideal partner of pain management centers & healthcare facilities nationwide in an increasingly crowded market for moderate to severe pain management, I initiated coverage & analysis of legislative intelligence on scheduling of controlled substances & regulatory intelligence pertaining to advocacy of pain management.This broadened intelligence monitoring allowed the marketing & government affairs teams to exercise considerable influence externally as the (re)scheduling initiatives moved through the legislative process, and to assist pain management centers to incorporate the latest advocacy concepts into patient management.


Information Specialist

Bristol-Myers Squibb


·To facilitate a go or no-go decision on the business case of Rx-to-OTC switch of Vagistat-1, I conducted SWOT analyses of potential competing Rx-to-OTC switches, investigated likely timelines of potential competitors’ market entries and profiled key regulatory personnel for their decision inclinations. My work was instrumental in the ultimate approval & launch of Vagistat-1 as the 1st OTC once-a-day medication for vaginal yeast infections, which brought in $28M in revenue during the first eight months after launch.



·There was a clear lack of specificity at the time when the parent company first anticipated the certain threat from generic competition as its flagship imaging diagnostic product was coming off patent.I uncovered the 1st generic manufacturer who was gearing to enter the US market & the likely timeline of its product entry into the marketplace.This timely intelligence allowed senior management to strategize around the target competitor, and heightened the visibility of the fledgling function of competitive intelligence in the company.

·Disjointed flow of medical information across functional units resulted in delayed response to customers & sub-optimal leverage of scientific & clinical publications featuring the parent company’s products.I spearheaded the RFP review & implementation of a document management platform while leading a cross-functional team with representatives from IT, Clinical Development and Medical Information & Post-Marketing Surveillance.The new platform my team and I developed drastically reduced the company’s response time to customers from days to 24-48 hours, while expanding the circulation of on-target medical information to healthcare professionals.


“The superb quality and consistency of Cathy’s work has distinguished her as a reliable and valued medical intelligence resource with all levels of management … She has demonstrated her ability to be a self-starter who takes the initiative and takes on additional responsibilities where appropriate.”

-- Senior Manager, Bracco Diagnostics




Rutgers University


Rutgers University


National Chengchi University (Taiwan)


Language - Chinese


Data Communications II

BCR Enterprises, Inc.

Telecommunication Fundamentals II

Global Knowledge

Drug Development: A Condensed Overview Course

Pharmaceutical Education & Research Institute, Inc. (PERI)

Assessing Target Companies

Kirk Tyson Business Intelligence Institute

Foundation Skills & Knowledge

Kirk Tyson Business Intelligence Institute