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In the past 7 years, I worked in Germany, US, South Africa, Argentina and Mexico. Working abroad has given me wide experience on diverse markets and marketing trends worldwide. I worked in very fast paced environments, very exigent in terms of solutions and implementation and I strongly believe I can be a valuable resource for any industry and leverage any challenge.

Work experience

Sep 2008Feb 2011

Senior Marketing & Media Specialist


I was responsible of developing the marketing strategy for South Africa, Ghana, US, Canada, Asia-Pacific region, Mexico and the UK at different moments in time. Main responsibilities

-Elaborate the marketing and media plans to communicate the campaign throughout all the venues available.-Create campaign contents, and coordinate with the designer team to deliver a cohesive look and feel. -Manage, control and optimize the budget expenditure for each country under my scope.-Negotiate with different vendors, and interact with various teams in order to ensure the candidates selection process run according to the established best practices. -Analyze obtained results for each initiative; evaluate the ROI and the outcome towards stipulated goals.-Leverage innovative solutions in accordance with global trends: -Social media networking: researched various options to position the brand in the online community. Point of contact for UK, US and SA initiatives for Twitter and Facebook to encourage community adherence. -Internet recruiting: designed viral marketing campaigns for the UK and US. The delivery methods chosen were banners, email blasts, job postings, sponsored ads, etc. -Google Adwords: creation of Keywords lists, Ads groups, etc. Campaign monitoring and optimization for SA, US & UK.

Selected Accomplishments:

-Leveraged strengths in cost-effective marketing management and vendor negotiations to end each year under-budget by average 440 Thousand a year without compromising business growth goals.-According to client needs (UK, SA, MX, AU, US) I developed different sourcing plans targeting a variety of profiles, re-assessed based on results and adjusted on-the-go to ensure hitting targets. E.g. I was challenged to create a SP for multilingual deals in untested markets. Sourcing plan was a modified subsequently and included a variety of innovations for the company such us relocation packages, visa sponsorship, etc. These actions had a direct impact in reaching hiring goals. -Due to hiring challenges for diverse clients, I delivered and implemented a strong marketing strategy that led to achieve established goals of 200 hires every 2 weeks in the South African market and 50 in the Mexican one. -Collaborated and performed ongoing customer/market research and demographic profiling to identify and capitalize the market needs ahead of the curve.

Jun 2006Jun 2008

Marketing Manager

Jim U-save

I was responsible of the marketing strategy in their 3 locations and I had 2 persons under my supervision.

Main Responsibilities:

-Competitor analysis and market research to position the company. -Accountable for the marketing budget and its optimization. -Generate marketing materials for existent clients and promotions. -Distribute and assign tasks to my Team members, to have an efficient leverage of our monthly goals.-Evaluate the results of the implemented initiatives, control budget spend, etc.

Selected Accomplishments:

-Expanded client base within two years by consistently delivering goal-surpassing marketing results and ensuring complete client satisfaction.-Managed nationwide events and promotions in the field to increase customer satisfaction and retention. -Created integrated communication materials that targeted desired audiences and articulated the value of products and services.

May 2006Feb 2007

Marketing Assistant

Cinderella Hair

Main Responsibilities

-Calling our client data base to promote and sell company products.-Promotions at hair events to sell our products across the US.-Created Spanish and English versions of our communication pieces, including graphic design content. Inventory Tracking -Events organization , negotiations and vendors management

Selected Accomplishments:-Increased promotional sales by 20%.-Generated campaign response expanding our client base in 7%.


Jul 2010Jul 2011

Post graduate Search and Social Media Marketing

Universidad de Barcelona


Universidad del Salvador

Kultur und Wirtschaft Studium

Universitaet Passau

I studied in Passau, Germany for one year, due to the double diplomat offered by my University. It was a great experience that involved full interaction with international students as well as the challenge to learn and study in German. I took 16 courses that include, European history, administration, law, marketing, etc. These not only gave me the knowledge but also helped me to develop my intercultural skills.


International Marketing-Integrated Marketing Campaigns-Media Buying-Direct Marketing Online Marketing-Social Media Marketing-International Project Management-Brand Awareness-Client Relationship Building-Team Oriented-Agency Negotiations-Cross-cultural Projects Bilingual-Spanish-Budget Management-Cross-channel Marketing