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My name is Natacha Barghout. I am currently a freshman at American University, studying Film and Media Arts in the School of Communication. While I was born in the United States, at 10 years old my familiy moved to Dubai where we spent the next 7 years. My family then moved during my senior year in high school to Doha, Qatar in 2007. I graduated from the American School of Doha and spent my gap year working in its elementary school, volunteering as a student leader in my church's youth group and participating in the yearly community theatre production. I recognize how priveleged I am to have such diverse experiences from both living and traveling overseas and try to apply it as much as I can to my daily life and work.


I have a wide variety of interests which I have to owe to my diverse life experiences. I love to travel, and I enjoy both being a spectator and taking part in the arts, such as photography video, music, reading and writing. I do my best to try something first before I decide if I like it or not. I enjoy interacting with people and as well as serving and giving back to the community. I am also a big fan of learning, I love to learn new things, whether it be how a certain culture presents itself or how to operate a new program on the computer. I like to make informed decisions and learn well by example and I see this reflected in my interests.


Aug 2009Present

American University


Work experience

Sep 2008May 2009

Elementary Teaching Assistant

American School of Doha

For three-quarters of the school year, I worked as a teacher's assistant in a first grade classroom, and for the remainder of the school year I worked as an assistant for three different elementary art teachers (ages of students ranging from preschool to fifth grade).

In first grade, I had a lot of personal interaction with the students, taking them to and from classes, lunch and recess. I was also priveleged to be able to work side-by-side with an experienced teacher, learning from her example as I helped out with whatever she needed, from copying the students' homework or assembling portfolios of their work for parent-teacher conferences to taking over and teaching the class if the teacher was absent. This called for organization and leadership skills which I feel that I showed and learned more as the year went on.

In the art department, I didn't work as much with the students (with exception of preschool classes) but instead did a lot of behind-the-scenes work, preparing different materials for the projects the classes would be doing, setting up displays around the elementary hallways, as well as organizing porfolios of nearly the entire elementary school's art projects so they would be ready to take home at the end of the year. This position also taught me organization as well as allowed me to let my more creative side be shown.