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Mechanical engineer with six years of hands-on experience in superstructure projects  around Russia, Turkey and Afghanistan. Confident in managing on-site teams including coordinating  sub-contractors. Experienced about HVAC, firefighting, fuel oil piping, plumbing, raw and waste water treatment system installation, test and commissioning according to technical specifications, international codes and regulations (NFPA, SMACNA, ASHREE, IPC, IBC, ISO, NEBB, GOST and SNIP)


Aug 2016Present

Mechanical Quality Control Engineer

Enka Insaat A.S

Kashirskaya Multi-functional Trade Center( Moscow/Russia) 

Total Budget: 200 M USD

Scope of work

The work to construct 190.000 m2 shopping mall at Kashirskaya in Moscow/Russia.

  • Preparation of project systematisation, for HVAC, firefighting, plumbing systems to control all activities effectively as per local codes (Gost, Snip). 
  • Preparing project specific procedures and inspection test plans of mechanical systems .
  • Preparing steel structure welding procedures, inspection test plans, conducting steel welding activities on site according to WPS and PQRs.
  • Inspecting and testing the installation for correctness and conformance to pre-commissioning / commissioning requirements.
  • Controlling HVAC equipment installation and features as per design. Such as cooling towers, chillers, AHUs, FCUs, radiators, heat exchangers, pumps, accumulation tanks, glycol feeding system of HVAC system. Required steel piping fit-up and installation control. Also HVAC duct manufacturing and installation control are done.
  • Building management system equipment installation control for HVAC and ensuring that HVAC system start-up and commissioning are done as per design.
  • Preparing tab and commissioning plans and performing TABxC activities of HVAC systems.
  •  Ensuring that firefighting system equipment installation and features are done properly as per design, required steel piping fit-up and installation of steel piping  and also firefighting  duct installation control.
  • Waste water system equipment installation and features control as per design. Such as sump pumps and package type system pressurising pumps. Cast iron and PVC piping control. Also ensuring that waste water system automation works are done properly.
  • Domestic hot and cold water system equipment and piping control.
Jul 2015Aug 2016

Project Engineer

Emta Insaat A.S ( Ankara Head office)
  • For the project that ENI held in Basra/Iraq, Zubair Oil Field development, Selection of qualified materials according to international standards, preparing mechanical material submitals, controlling mechanical design drawings, monitoring mechanical works on site and handling customer meetings in Dubai. Total budget of the project is 46 M USD.
  •  Remedy the deficiencies, startup and automation of firefighting, fuel oil, hvac, plumbing, and waste water treatment  system for the project that  US army corps of engineers held in Kurecik/Malatya. Budget of the EPAA project is 13M USD.
  • Preparing proposals of mechanical systems, such as fuels, hvac, firefighting, and plumbing according to ICC IPC, ASHREE, ASTM, and NFPA 13.
  • Developing Operation and Maintenance Manuals and procedures .
Apr 2014May 2015

Mechanical Quality Control Engineer

Enka Insaat A.S

Kuntsevo Plaza (Moscow, Russia)

Total Budget: 530 M USD
Scope of work
The work to construct huge Multi-functional center at Molodezhnaya in Moscow. Facility consist of 30.000m2 business center,80.000 m2 shopping mall ,100.000 m2 car park, 6.000 m2 entertainment,10.000 m2 residences, 11.000 m2 cinema. Totally 240.000 meter square occupier rink.

  • Dividing mechanical systems into subsystems to define test packages which will be held on site for effective reporting and managing of mechanical projects. 
  • Preparing of quality control system documents for mechanical systems. Such as method of statements, inspection test procedures and check lists.
  • Supervision of HVAC, Firefighting and plumbing systems devices and materials according to Russian local standards (ghost and snip).
  • Monitoring of all manufacturing and installations from the beginning to the end to prevent from rework with observation of every stage of the manufacturing for these systems.
  • All mechanical equipments inspections for HVAC, HVAC automation, firefighting and plumbing systems.  
  • Mechanical HVAC system design and HVAC automation design drawings controls. 
Jul 2012Feb 2014

Mechanical Systems Chief

Emta Insaat A.S.

USACE( US Army Corps Of Engineers) (Bagram, Afghanistan)
SOF Headquartes Complex

Total Budget: 22 M USD
Scope of work
The work is to construct an operational facility for an administrative complex at Bagram Airfield (BAF), Afghanistan. It consist of 5 buildings which are Warehouse, Fire Pump Buildings, Latrine Shower Shave Facility, Troops Medical Clinic and Joint Operation Center.

Fuel Storage

Budget: 11 M USD
Scope of work
The project is defined as the construction of storage and supply facilities, as part of the overall phased fuels construction program at Bagram Airfield , Afghanistan. The scope of work for Phase 7 project includes a POL Operations Building with a fuels BAF Bulk Fuel Storage & Supply, PH 6 & 7, Bagram AB, Afghanistan BAFFUEL6 testing laboratory, a fuel additive storage building, refueled parking and a refueled truck checkout points.

Troops Housing

Budged:11.8 M USD
Scope of work
The work is to construct austere contingency standard design for pre engineered metal building (PEB) barracks. Facilities include three (3) barracks, to provide housing for 972 military personnel. Supporting facilities include electrical,water,and sewage distribution systems, mechanical systems, information systems, site improvements, and drainage Bagram, Afghanistan.

  • HVAC system equipment quantity survey, selection of qualified materials according to specifications and RFP drawings. Duct works are done properly according to American Standards (NFPA13, Smacna).
  • HVAC automation system survey, preparing sequence of operations, installations of all instruments.All kind of BMS ( building management system ) applications.
  • Fire sprinkler system material quality and quantity survey, all site material production and installation, according to NFPA 13.
  • Plumbing installations are done properly, according to Specification and American Standards (such as IPC).
  • 1.000.000 gallon fuel oil tank installation, all necessary piping, cathodic protection, all automation to pump oil to the sites, all tests and commissioning of mechanical equipments such as pumps motorized valves,  flow switches, level indicators etc. 
  • Counting and ordering material for HVAC, fire sprinkler and plumbing systems.
  • Written daily weekly monthly reports by using QCS program, preparing mechanical submitals, shop drawings, operation maintenance manuals and final as-builds.
  • Subcontractor progress payment survey.
  • HVAC systems testing, adjusting, balancing are done according to international codes.
  • Fire suppression systems commissioning are done according to drawings and related international codes.
Jul 2011May 2012

Production Engineer

Barıs Heating Systems (part-time employment)
  • Designing of stock type heating boilers.
  • Production of waste water tanks, 3 pass stock type heating boilers, hot oil tanks, waste material storage tanks.


Jan 2016Present

Master Of Business Administration

Istanbul University

Institute Of Social Sciences

Sep 2007May 2012

Mechanical Engineering (GPA:2,4/4)

Çukurova University
Engineering and Architecture Faculty
Sep 2002May 2006

Science (GPA:4,9/5)

FNT Anadolu High School
Math and science


July 2017July 2020

Visual and Ultrasonic Control Of Welding - Level 2

Lider Nk

GOST R ISO / IEC 17024-2011 and ПБ 03-440-02 (Certification of welding non-destructive control (GOSGORTEHNADZOR OF RUSSIA))

Feb 2015Present

TOEFL IBT Score: 86/120

This test measures human's ability to use and understand English at the university level.
Dec 2013Present

Project turn over certificate in Bagram/Afghanistan

US Army Corps Of Engineers