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Competent professional with over 10 years of rich experience in Health Safety & Environment field, significantly experienced Health and Safety Advisor, Sr. Safety Officer, etc… Develops implements and evaluates risk management policies and programs, trains employees in occupational health and safety procedures, monitors and audits the workplace, and records and investigates incidents to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. Significantly experienced in OHS & covering diverse industry sectors such as Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Construction and Consultancy.

Work experience

Key Deliverable across the tenure:

  • Implementing HSE policies / procedures in accordance to the safety regulations
  • Reinforcing OHS plans entailing identification of opportunities, analysis of data, cost benefit analysis, implementation & post audits
  • Identifying activities & processes which are hazardous and undertaking steps for curtailing risk
  • Charting several safety measures for minimizing occurrence of accidents, fire, calamities; conducting investigations for determining the cause of industrial accidents
  • Conducting safety audits; investigating incident and disseminating the learning points
  • Identifying potential hazards and taking necessary preventive measures; encouraging safety promotional programs
  • Carrying out general safety inspection and making recommendations to address issues and problems identified by these inspections
  • Eliminating unsafe working conditions and minimizing work injury at site and avoiding loss of man-hours man days

Key Achivements'

  • Safety Team Member -28 Million Man-hours without LTI / LTA (RGX-2, Qatar).
  • Safety Team Member -17 Million Man-hours without LTI / LTA (Bu hasa Development project, UAE).
  • Safety Team Member -6 Million Man-hours without LTI / LTA (Laggan Tormore Project, Kuwait).
  • Appreciation certificate from Tecnimont NAGRP Project of KNPC at MAA Refinery, ABJ.

Personnel details

Date of birth:           04th May 1985

Gender:                      Male

Nationality:              Indian

Marital Status:         Married

Passport No:            M-3185822             

Passport Validity: 09th Nov 2024     

Language Known:

                                       English, Hindi,                                                      Malayalam &                                                          Tamil.     

Address in India:

                        Pulinilkunnathil House,                                   Ayroor South P.O,                                               Pathanamthitta, Kerala,                                 India- 689611.      

Driving License:

                        Indian (Light Vehicle)