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Work experience


Open Source Competitive Lead - Latin American Region

Responsible for driving all competitive strategy against Open Source in Latin America. During the last six months I have helped to create the culture to Compete to Win in the region building the needed infrastructure. During my first six months in the position, Microsoft has been able to grow market share in Windows Server, Windows Client and has been able to sustain its position in Office productivity tools. We also has been able to revert the trend of Internet Browser in the region wining back a point of market share in the last 3 months.

As Microsoft approach to OSS is to interoperate with OSS technologies and to embrace OSS communities, I have driven massive audience reach, touching about half a million IT professionals with the message to interoperability, being recognizes as the WW best practice in this area.


Academic Lead - Latin American Region

IT Students is a key and strategic audience for Microsoft as it represents the future of the platform. I was responsible for driving share of Microsoft technologies for IT students in the region, leading a team of 18 people reporting dotted line to me. As Open Source software has its cultivation environment in academia, and this is especially true in Latin America, this was a big competitive play. We were able to drive 40% of the world wide academic business becoming the No. 1 region in the world. To achieve this I defined a reach strategy that allowed us to engage with 40% of the target audience systematically. I also redefined some of the strategic pieces and execution framework provided by Corp in a way that provided more value to students. To increase our reach of new students we leveraged on other students and social media. Last, but not least, as faculty are key to influence students, I redefined a Faculty Call Center increasing productivity by 200%, reducing cost by 30% and becoming the number 1 region in the world in faculty engagement.

As result for this execution, we were able to grow share and satisfaction among students 6 points.


New Technologies Director - Andean Region

The Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) group is responsible for driving share of Microsoft Technologies among technical audiences in order to assure the relevance of the platform, driving future sales. The most important mission within DPE is assuring IT professionals get acquainted with new Microsoft technologies, even before general availability, assuring that way smooth adoption and sales in the market. I managed a team of 13 people and reported directly to the Andean Region General Manager. We were able to drive 40 points of market share of developer tools growing 85% revenue in 3 years. Thru close engagement with technical communities we got the highest worldwide scores for audience satisfaction, growing over 60 points and beating competition in the satisfaction area. Our best practices for communities and a Productivity Framework defined by me, allowed us to grow our reach over 200% in 3 years with the same budget.

During my tenure we delivered SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Windows Server 2005, Office 2007 and Windows Vista to technical communities. I was key driver of product launches in the subsidiary.As a result, we grew the applications running over Microsoft platform over 300%.


Developer Audience Marketing Manager - Venezuela Subsidiary

I was a pioneer in the world as Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) group was being created in 2001 with the main objective of engaging with developers, generate satisfaction and assure introduction of the new .Net Platform. As Microsoft had ceased marketing activities towards this audience there was a big challenge. Having limited resources and the challenge to engage with the majority of the developer audience, I created and implemented the worldwide best practice for Developer Communities engaging with influencers and enthusiasts, formalizing user groups and driving value to the audience thru them. As a direct result I generated 55 user groups and grew reach 200% reducing budget 20%. Thru team work and subsidiary leadership, I also was able to grow developer’s tools revenue by 100% in two years. These results provided my team and me several awards.

During this time I introduced Visual Studio 2002, .Net, Visual Studio 2003, Windows Server 2003 and Office 2003 to the Venezuelan technical audiences.


Consultant - Venezuelan Subsidiary

I was a developer consultant for Venezuela Subsidiary. I managed and executed five projects in one year achieving 87% billable time and 90% satisfaction rate


Software Development Manager

KE Consultores

I was responsible for RD, Project management, sales and managed a team of 7 developers. I created an object oriented development framework that increased productivity 65% allowing new hires to be productive the very first week. I was able to grow revenues 100% 2 consecutive years. Coordinated and delivered over 25 projects with 90%+ satisfaction rate in areas like business intelligence, pharmacy, advertising, health, education, retailing, treasury and government.


Technology Lead

Nap's Asesorias y Sistemas

Started as software developer and promoted to Technology Lead. I was Responsible for R&D and special software projects. I created a software development framework that increased productivity by 25% and defined new standard interfaces for DOS and Windows. I was involved in over 15 software projects in areas such as accounting, financing, currency exchange, Construction and HR.


My Employer

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Professional Highlights


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I am a successful software industry professional with over 20 years of experience and a proven track of delivering results. I have been privileged during my career to have a wide range of experiences developing expertise in areas such as people management, consulting, software development, sales, marketing, project management, multi-country execution and regional leadership.

If I can summarize my career with two words, it would be achievement and productivity. In every position I have performed, I have focused on finding new ways to maximize productivity to achieve the goals set. I truly believe that small teams with limited resources generate the best results fostering creativity. I consider that open and honest feedback helps the team to find new ways to remove road blockers to deliver on expectations and above. I love leading people, I love making them believe that anything can be accomplished with the right focus, perseverance and execution.

I am a person oriented for results, who cares about my team needs and I find structured long term ways to solve business issues that allow the business to keep going in the long run. I am a self-starter who works with little guidance; I am passionate about the customer and how to satisfy his needs to build a long lasting mutual benefit relationship. My best value to a company sits in my loyalty, accountability, reliability, honesty and my constant pursuit of excellence.


Bi-Lingual:  English and Spanish

Transferable Skills

·Multi Country Leadership and Management

·Productivity Enhancement

·Strategic Planning

·Customer focus and Satisfaction

·Market Generation

·Sales and Marketing

·Community Building

·Budgeting and Cost Management

·Software Engineering

·Information Technology

·Business Intelligence

·Project Management

·Team Building


Successfully attended and completed numerous Executive Leadership and Technical Training Programs and Courses.


Recipient of the following awards from Microsoft:

  • Circle of Excellence Award
  • Competitive Award
  • Partner and Customer Experience Award
  • Top Contributor Award
  • Best Practices Award
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management