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Work experience


Senior Financial Analyst

China CITIC Bank, Headquarters

·Responded to bank’s capital scarcity constraint and market structure change, analyzed net interest margin (NIM) determinants, identified drivers of cost and profitability, redesigned key performance indicators (KPI) metrics, conveyed risk adjusted performance evaluation, supported by transparent and frequent performance assessment process. From 2003 to 2005, bank’s net interest margin improved from 2.13% to 2.88%, against industry’s NIM declining trend, Non-performing asset ratio reduced from 10.28% to 2.3%

·Executed participative budgeting to improve active engagement across bank, created Pro Forma financial statements, monitored net income dynamics of $2 Billion annual financial services and asset management, measured branches performance, provided and presented management report to Senior Management with variance analysis and action suggestion

·Assisted to design and implemented ALM system with asset volume up to $150 billion with help from IPS-Sendero Company. Built practice assumptions, identified and measured interest rate and liquidity risks, conducted scenario analysis, manipulated balance sheet composition to engage in proactive risk management. Constructed fund transfer pricing (FTP) curves of various products, promoted FTP implementation throughout branches, investigated pricing models to ensure validity and calibration, and adjusted FTP to build strategic asset liability position


Credit Administrator

China CITIC Bank, Beijing Branch

·Coordinated with IT team to develop bank’s first customer information database, conducted drilldown profitability analysis, traced earning drivers to specific products, customers, and business line, realized data driven sales processes. The initiative uncovered business opportunities worth $3 millions, identified 10% potential expense savings

·Led Beijing branch credit asset classification, tracked and assessed loan portfolios performance with a full rollover of $6 billion, prepared and presented risk exposure reports to senior management


Loan Officer

China CITIC Bank, Beijing Branch

·Initiated cash pool accounts program for institutional group clients, diversified the bank’s liability concentration issue and reduced liquidity risk, increased consulting service income, built top-tier corporate relationships, realizing account-related revenue $28 million in the first year

·Conducted industry research and credit analysis, granted loans more than $0.5 billion with lowest allowance requirement, covering customers in five industries, realized interest income$2.75 million




Zicklin School of Business - Baruch College


Renmin University of China


Comprehensive Skills
  Forecasting/Budgeting · Cost Estimation · Cost Allocation · Variance Analysis · Risk Adjusted Return on Equity (RAROC) ·  Asset & Liability Management (ALM) · Fund Transfer Pricing (FTP) · Equity Valuation · Loan Portfolio Management  ·  Quantitative Financial Modeling · Relational Database (T-SQL) · Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word)  


Committed, MBA-educated financial analyst with 8 years financial industry experience and successful track records. Substantial expert experience in forecasting/budgeting, cost management, asset/liability management (ALM), including executing key performance indicator (KPI) design initiatives. Driven, no-excuse and always make it happen.


Public Speaking, Yoga