Sep 2010 - Oct 2010

Contract Specialist

Defense Acquisition University

Successfully completed distance learning courses from the DAU:

CON 100:  Shaping Smart Business Arrangements

In this course individuals learn: the acquisition/contracting mission and its impact on the U.S. economic system; the responsibilities of the contracting professional in the role of a business advisor; the interdependence of functional team members; the distinctive interests of both the buyer and seller; the relationship between financial and acquisition communities; commercial acquisition and government-unique requirements of market research in identifying the best arrangements to meet mission requirements; and the importance of e-business and information technology in supporting business processes.

CON 110: Mission Support Planning

In this course individuals learn how they can support a customer’s mission and plan successful mission support strategies based on their knowledge of the contracting environment and the customer’s needs.  They also learn how to use the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (D-FARS), conduct effective market research, develop alternative acquisition strategies, and understand how socioeconomic programs support the acquisition-planning process.

CON 111:  Mission-Planning Execution

This course provides individuals with the knowledge necessary to execute an acquisition that optimizes the customer’s mission performance. Individuals learn the techniques and benefits of early industry involvement in shaping requirements, basic procedures for acquisition of both commercial and noncommercial requirements, and how to effectively conduct price analysis and determine when a price is fair and reasonable. Finally, individuals learn how to conduct basic competitive acquisitions, process awards, and handle protests before and after the contract award.

CON 112:  Mission-Performance Assessment

The course provides individuals with the knowledge they need to identify and utilize appropriate performance metrics when evaluating the contractor’s performance. Individuals explore processes for working with a customer to ensure contract performance meets mission requirements.  In addition, they explore assessment strategies and performance remedies, and learn how to make and price contract changes after award, handle disputes, and close out completed contracts. 

• Descriptions prepared for: Mervin P. Hernandez | October 2010 •

Aug 2007 - May 2010

Bachelor of Science

University of Central Florida

Society of Scholars With DisabilitiesFounding MemberTreasurer (2008-2010)

Aug 2001 - May 2005

High School Diploma

Timber Creek High School

Awards and Recognitions

• Timber Creek Regiment - Director's Award Recipient 2004 and 2005

• Timber Creek High School - Disney Dreamer and Doer Award Recipient 2005

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2009 - Present

Junior Accountant

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc

• Transition and Implementation from MS Money to QuickBooks NonProfit•  Developed First Annual Report• Ongoing participant in managerial procedure writing

Jul 2004 - Present

Staff Volunteer

Able Trust

• Recipient of the Young Adult Leadership Award (Ability Awards 2010)• Participated as a Student Delegate in Summer of 2004 + Received "Joey Alvord" Award for exceptional participant distinction• Participated as a Staff Volunteer every summer since.

May 2009 - Sep 2009

Youth Accounting Advisor to the Grant Policy Review Committee

Able Trust

• Contribute to Grant Awards Policy discussions and drafting• Evaluate comparable organizations' policies• Apply learned financial accounting analysis perspectives



Musician (Alto Sax/Clarinet)

• College-level Private Lessons (Clarinet) • Solo & Ensemble Performances (Clarinet) • Wind Ensemble First-Chair Clarinet Placement (Clarinet - 3yrs) • Extensive Sight-Reading Experience (Clarinet & Alto Sax) • Arrangement and Transposition Experience (Sibelius)

Event Management

• Planning & Time Management • Communications & Logistics • Conflict Resolution

Intuit QuickBooks

Miscrosoft Office

Profficient in: • Outlook  • Word  • PowerPoint Experienced in: • Access  • Excel  • Project  • Visio  •  SharePoint

Spanish Speaker

Speak + Write + Read