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Career Objective

To associate with an organization which progresses dynamically and gives me a chance to update my knowledge and enhance my skills, in the state of art technologies and be a part of the team that excels in work to words, the growth of organization and my satisfaction thereof.



Bachelor of Technology (ECE)

Neotia Institute of Technology Management and Science

Board: West Bengal University of Technology

CGPA: 7.13



Our Lady Queen of the Missions School

Board: CISCE, New Delhi

Percentage: 88



Our Lady Queen of the Missions School

Board: CISCE, New Delhi

Percentage: 90.4

Training/Projects Undertaken

  • Vodafone East Limited, Kolkata: 2G and 3G customer service analysis (4 weeks)
  • Air India Engineering Services Limited: Automatic Direction Finder and Integrated Drive Generator (2 weeks)
  • Neotia Institute of Technology Management and Science: The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video (ongoing)

Work Experience

Feb 2015Dec 2015

Associate Programme Facilitator and Coordinator

Empretec UNCTAD (United Nations Conference of Trade and Development)

The learning included intensive study of behavioural psychology based on the 10 competencies (that an entrepreneur must possess to run a sustainable revenuegenerating business) declared by UNCTAD. Facilitating workshops with the objective of generating small and medium enterprises was my key job role. Since its formation in 1988, Empretec has expanded to 34 countries, trained over 300,000 entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and stakeholders in keeping with the United Nations’ guidelines and best practices. Empretec contributes to economic growth and progress by promoting an entrepreneurial culture not only in entrepreneurs but also in forward-looking governments and in trans-national companies. Empretec has strong CSR credentials and considers entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty.

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Product Manager

Felicity Online Solutions

Internship in this e-commerce platform, my responsibility in the lifestyle segment teaches me about leadership skills, marketing, business development, human resources. This corporate internship is all about learning by doing and gives me a thorough insight in the e-commerce world which is penetrating the recent market very fast.

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Intern in Social Project (Education and Cross-cultural understanding)


First time out of my comfort zone, a social internship in the north-eastern part of Thailand has been a life-changing experience. Teaching english for 6 weeks in a countryside school led to a lot of cross-cultural understanding in a global learning environment (with 80 interns from 25 different countries). Being the opportunity for a number of little children and working for the issue of language literacy has made me believe that truly "Experience is the best teacher". Happiness comes from the realization that I am still contributing my skills and competencies for the betterment of the underpriveleged in this world, making me a global citizen.

Oct 2014Jun 2015

Manager of Social Sector Projects

AIESEC in Kolkata

Manager role has given me a huge spectrum of experiences, where the sole learning was by doing. The experience included development of skills in different sectors: Hridija Mukherjee Hrid ija Mukhe rje e 1 AIESEC THAILAND 25 June,2015 — 8 August,2015 Felicity 1 September, 2015 — 31 December,2015 Marketing, business development, human resources, client relation management,building international relations, from project conceptualization to implementation. The competencies developed are time management, multitasking, crisis management, comprehensive ability.

Aug 2014Sep 2014

Member of Social Sector Projects

AIESEC in Kolkata

A member, also known as a Global Leader in this international youth run organisation (a 66 year old organisation in 125 countries), have given me a purpose towards working for a social cause with a vision in mind "Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential".The key role being facilitating international exchanges in the social sector, I feel proud to contribute towards making the world a better place to live in.

Computer Proficiency

  • Java
  • C Language
  • Microsoft Office



Indian Maritime University, MCKV Insitute of Technology

Position: 1st


Harvard University

Honor Code Certificate

Percentage: 92

Astrophysics and Relativity

Cornell University

Honor Code Certificate

Percentage: 75


Self Confidence
Self Responsibility
Opportunity Seeking

Personal Details

Name: Hridija Mukherjee

Father's Name: Aveek Mukherjee

Mother's Name: Lalita Mukherjee

Date of Birth: 28.02.1994

Address: C-15/303, Airport Enclave Co-op Hsg Soc Ltd., Bankra, P.O. Birati, Kolkata-700051

                West Bengal, India

Nationality: Indian

Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Thai (beginner)


Will be available upon request.