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Work experience

Jun 2006Aug 2006

Sales person

Vero Moda

Vero Moda is a popular brand of Women's clothing.It sells fashtion pants, shirts, and trinkets




Business graduate with experience in administraton. Professtional with Sales, Marketing, and Business communication skills.

My Ideal job is to be a sales manager

My Inscription: No matter success or not, at least I tried.


Sales manager position where my skills and knowledge can be effectively utilized for increased profitability


Frank Ding

One sales manager of Pepsi Beijing company

1 How long have you been working on this position?

A: About 5years.

2 Could you tell me something about your job?

A: Set goals for employees, encourge and train them, do some statistics.

3:What is your work time everyday?

A: From 9:00 to 18:00,but usually working overtime.

4: Would you feel tired and boring?

A: It's busy job, and you responds for many things.But I enjoy challenging the problems. More cases mean more salaries.

5 Do you have time to hang out with your family?

A: On the weekend.

6: What about the relatoinship bewteen you and your employees?

A: Good, we are good friends.But remember, don't so close to your employees.

7 Why you say that?

A: If you so close to them, sometimes they won't feel comfortable if you judge them, then they will not listen to you anymore.

8: What do you usually do after work?

A: Sometimes hang out with my employees, but usually go home immdiately, I love my wife's cooking.

9: What time do you usually go to bed?

A: Around 11:00pm , rest is very important for the following busy day.

10: Any tips do you wanna give me?

A: Healthy is very important, don't sleep too late at night. Don't up when you face the problems, gool luck with your future.