The sales and service of magazines through an innovative Pay-During-Service (PDS) plan.


United Readers Service provides readers across the country with their favorite magazines. Working with individuals as well as small businesses, United Readers Service has established itself as a reliable, responsive company. With more than 35 years of success in its industry, United Readers Service is led by executives with more than 200 years of experience. Based on a business model involving both quality and value, United Readers Service offers its customers a number of benefits. More than 300 different publications are available through United Readers Service, and if customers’ reading interests change, they can take advantage of the company’s magazine exchange policy.

Adding a new publication to an existing account is also easy with United Readers Service. United Readers Service’s PDS (Paid During Service) plan allows customers to subscribe at one price for an extended period, meaning that they save more in the event of price increases. Using electronic communication to stay in contact with publishers means that United Readers Service’s customers can file address changes immediately, significantly reducing stress. United Readers Service customers also receive a single monthly bill. To ensure convenience for its customers, United Readers Service accepts electronic funds as well as all major credit cards. United Readers Service is a member of the Better Business Bureau and maintains a helpful list of FAQs as well as contact information on its website,

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Work experience