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Work experience

Jul 2008Present


Guolin Restaurant

I worked at Guolin Restaurant in Beijing 2 years ago. Guolin was established in 1993, it is a large chain restaurtant in China. They have own characteristic. At many restaurants Guolin depends on price to win. After 10 years effort, it has 36 Chain restaurants in China. Their dishes are trandional Beijing food and add some south dishes. They have strong room service. Their waiters have higher self-control and good manner. I learned plenty of severice skills in that time.


Sep 2008Present


Maharishi University of Managment

In the summer of 1974, Maharishi International University was set up.

In 1995, MIU officially became Maharishi University of Management, reflecting a new phase of maturity for the University. The new name emphasizes that gaining deep knowledge and experience has a powerful practical value — it enables every student to fully manage his or her life.

University is  dedicated to fulfilling the seven goals that Maharishi expressed more than three decades ago:

  1. To develop the full potential of the individual
  2. To realize the highest ideal of education
  3. To improve governmental achievements
  4. To solve the age-old problem of crime and all behavior that brings unhappiness to our world family
  5. To bring fulfillment to the economic aspirations of individuals and society
  6. To maximize the intelligent use of the environment
  7. To achieve the spiritual goals of humanity in this generation

We have one course at a time. The block system is immensely popular with our students because they learn more, and it eliminates the stress of taking 4–5 subjects at once.

Transcendental Meditationtechnique is to develop their inner potential.

Our dining hall serves a wide array of vegetarian fare, from home-style pizza to Chinese stir fry, from Mexican to Indian and more.

Sep 2006Jun 2008


The Capital University of Economics and Business

This university is established in 1956. It is a famous college in China. There are business management, accounting, finance, banking, economic and other 14 colleges. It has many relationships with other foreign colleges. There are many studends going aboard to continue their degree every year. 


I can speak Chinese and English.  It's a great advantage that helps me to communicate with people from different countries. I have artistic talent. When I was young, I am interest in painting, clothes designing. I got a lot of achievements in this field. I like music, I have 10 years experience in playing flute.  I can speak well in public appearances, because I was host for 2 years experience when I was in high school.


My name is Chi Wei(Jocelyn). I come from China. I didn't have brothers and sisters, because in China the government has One Child Policy.

I am 22 years old now,  I come to the United State almost a year. When I was in high school, I joined the National Painting Competition and got the Second Award Winning in Asia. I learned flute when i was in the primary school, from that time until now. I have 10 years experience. I also got a lot of achievements in this field.

Before i came here, i studied at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. In that time, I did some part time job in the weekend. I worked at GuoLin reataurants for a half year, eventhough I was only a waitress, but i learned a lot of service skills. It is very useful for my future job.

I personally feel that everything in the world if you want to success you need to work hard. Sometimes we cannot change some things or person so the best way is to suit it. my motto is " Life is not fair, get used to it."  My ideal job is have an own company, am good at communicate with people and I like food culture, so After i graduate if have a chance i will set up a diet TV program.


I am interested in swimming, painting and singing.

I like food culture, along with the salary increase, people focus on the quality of life, they also  care about the food quality. After i graduate i want to establish a diet TV program.

Diet is one of the necessary parts in people’s daily life. The food safety crisis happens frequently these years. Some farm companies are reckless drive to achieve output which causes the pesticide being used in quantity. In addition, the balanced diet of food combination is very important. But most of people don’t know about the importance and correctness about food combination.

My business idea is to guide the people into a healthy and satisfied daily diet and food safety. The medium of exploring my idea is TV Show, because it is in close touch with society and people. From this program, people can know which food is good for our body, which restaurant has high popularity.

A good manager should know the important point to control your company, first is Team.

In this program we have 2 parts. One is indoor cooking show, another is outdoor interacting like asking questions. For indoor group we have tasters. They watch the whole process of healthy cooking. For outdoor group, they interact with people on the street and give presents out if people have a correct answer. 

The outdoor interacting is for increasing the famousness among the people and aware their food safty issues.

I plan to promote this TV show through media like newspapers, websites, radio(car) to introduce our show.

The cooking TV show should in golden time between 8pm and 10pm. During this time the children and adults have time to watch. This TV show face to all audience. Expecially for housewife, they have more times and pay more attention to take care of their family.

All the cost is supported by the companies who want to advertise their products in our show.