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Work experience

Jan 2010Jul 2010


Insurance Wholesalers/Assura

I worked with Assura, formerly known as Insurance Wholesalers, doing recruiting on a contract basis. At the time I was brought on board, there was a need for seven new employees immediately. I worked with the CEO and CFO to fill the positions with skilled individuals that added value to the company. By the end of July there were no current job orders to fill within the office.

May 2008Oct 2009

Search Consultant

Concord GRN

I joined Concord GRN as a Recruit Assistant. I built myself to a full fledged Search Consultant within a year. My degree in Psychology coupled with experience in crisis counseling, non profit organizations and small business development has exposed me to both the business world and what impacts the bottom line of a P & L.

My knowledge and experience of working with people and identifying their needs have enabled my ability to successfully recruit and retain passive candidates. These skills bring to light some of the most talented un-accessible people who can impact your bottom line quickly with little or no ramp up time.  I am energetic, outgoing and focused on delivering the highest qualified candidates.

Jan 2007Aug 2007

Program Manager

My Mother's Voice

With My Mother's Voice, an NPO for single mothers and children, I was focused on program andfund development.This involved extensive research, analyzing established programs, anddeveloping original music and art programs for high-risk children.This took collaboration withgovernment officials, business owners and the community.

I was also actively involved in fund development, organizing auctions and creating awareness inand around the community.I successfully raised $35,000 in the first six months that will go thefoundation of this organization.I also did this by going door to door to local businesses talking topeople about the organization and asking if they could make donations.

Dec 2007May 2007



Working at Diva provided me sales training as well as time to make a transition into a careerthat would take me in the direction that I wanted to go.

While working there I did sales and merchandising.Trained other employees and managed thestore when the owner was on buying trips.I was involved in business meetings where I wouldcontribute on inventory and number forecasting.I also helped buy merchandise for the store andhelp organize shopping events to help boost sales.


Jan 2010Present

M.F.T. - In progress


  All courses will be completed by April 2011, with a current cumulative GPA of 3.75. Related education includes Counseling Skills I & II, Clinical Psychopharmacology, Couples & Families Counseling, Professional & Ethical Issues, Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting, Social & Cultural Foundations of Therapy, Substance Abuse Counseling, Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse, Maladaptive Behavior & Psychology, Human Growth & Development, and Research & Statistics. I have also been trained in all disciplines and theories of clinical Psychology.
Aug 2003Mar 2007

Bachloers in Science

Saint Mary's College of California

      Saint Mary's is a Liberal Arts Private College. I obtained a very well rounded education including religious and seminar courses.  While learning about the behavioral sciences I also acquired knowledge in APA formatting, SPSS, and extensive research and assessment skills.

I also debated in class discussions in regards to text by authors such as Socrates, Plato, Freud, Thoreau, and many more.

    Psi Chi:  This is an honors society of Psychology that I was invited to join the beginning of my third year at Saint Marys.  I initiated and organized the chapter gaining the participation of over 40 students in 2 months.  Designed and participated in several volunteer events for children.  Organized a banquet to honor the students and their achievements in front of family and friends.

    Outside Research: I was selected out of a pool of 50 candidates to do outside research with my professor and 2 other students.  We created the concept, conducted studies, analyzed results, and interpreted statistics. We presented our research at the annual Psychology Conference of Undergraduate Research.  

    Psychology Club:  This was a social tool I used to gain awareness for Psi Chi and network with other successful students.  We would stay up-date on current events and help support student studies, achievements, and faculty.


Given my rich experiences in talent acquisition, business development, marketing, sales, HR, and education, I have many vaulable talents to offer any future employer.  While finishing my BS at Saint Mary's College of California I challenged myself by activating a Psi Chi chapter on campus, an Honors Society in Psychology.  As president, I created the club, organizing volunteer events including over 40 students, and ran monthly meetings.  During this time I was participating in outside research with a professor and our results have since been published in a Psychology Journal.  On my evenings I volunteered as a rape advocate for Community Violence Solutions, a Richmond based NPO.

Post-graduation I spent 6 months doing business development and fund raising for a start-up NPO called My Mothers Voice.  I left My Mothers Voice in the winter of 2007 with plans to establish myself in the bay area once again. I managed a high-end boutique for 6 months while I searched for a position that would help build a foundation for my future.  I soon found a home at GRN, a small firm recruiting passive candidates for the printing and marketing industries.  Through this experience I have worked on the client and candidate side. This included making sales and marketing presentations to prospect future clients, finding their need, and filling that need, working the process from beginning to end.

After a wonderful experience in working with people to help them in their talent acquisition needs, I found that I still was ignited with my passion of people and human behavior.  Working in a sales environment solidified the choice to continue my education in the field of counseling psychology. I am currently completing a Master's in Counseling Psychology and I am looking for a full time position that will help me grow my career. 


My personal interests include snow boarding, running, music, wakeboarding, hiking, reading, and coaching.  I am cosistantly working to better myself both personally and professionally.  I also work with a life coach on a weekly basis to help asses my goal and gain a better understanding on my own personal interactions with others.  I have also participated in Landmark Forum, a seminar for improving the quality of well-being and become more authentic in my relationships with myself and others.