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Maharishi University of Management

In 2009 I came to US to continue my education journey.

I will graduate at June 24 2010.


Oversea Chinese College

I joined a cooperation program between OCC and MUM.

I studied at OCC in China in 2006.

Work experience


China Pacific Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Marketing manager's assistant

- Clean up files, portfolio

- Answered customers' question

- Answered the phone


Transferable skills
-      Use a variety of media for presentation -      Study data or behavior for meaning and solution -      Counsel advise, consult, guide others -      Convey a sense of humor -      Listen carefully and attentively


1000 North 4th street Fairfield IA 52557. (641)8146483. [email protected]

To open a shop online wins the first drum of gold in my life.


1.Marketing work experience in China Pacific Insurance Company. 2.A successful plan to attract customers for my aunt’s restaurant. 3.Never giving up doing anything. Education Oversea Chinese College (China).2006-2008 -Business Administration Maharishi University of Management (US). 2008-2010 - Business Administration Bachelor.

Graduated with a GPA 3.33.






Important Transferable Skills

--Use a variety of media for presentation

--Study data or behavior for meaning and solution

--Counsel advise, consult, guide others

--Convey a sense of humor

--Listen carefully and attentively

Experience And Achievements

Became an outstanding organizer.03.2007

Won the first drum of gold in my life.06.2007

Volunteer for Beijing Olympic games.08.2008

--Organized whole class to plant trees in the Arbor Day.

--Held a big party for my classmate.

--Sold some fashionable T-shirt, and toys onthe Internet.

--Did bargain with my stock trader.

--Assist traffic police to manage intersection.

--Helped outlander to find the right direction. (Include foreigners)

Enjoy the Life

My personnal Information

Name: Cheng Yuan


Height:186 CM

Nationality: Chinese

Interests: Wathching Movie, playing magic, video game,soccer and taking picture.


I'm a Chinese student. China is a developing Country, so I decide to learn business. After I graduate from Maharishi University of Management, and I will go back to China to estabilsh my future. I love my Country.

Sports and Story

My favorite Game------Soccer

-It is the most popular game in the world

-I can't sleep or eat when their teams are playing.

-I really hope that Chinese Soccer Team could move toward the world

My favorite short story------20 Dollars

 After whole day work, a father came back to home sitting on the sofa. He was too tired to go to his son's room, and he asked his son," what are you doing my son?"

His son didn't answer him and instead of a question. "Daddy daddy, would you give me ten dollars?"

The father felt confused. he asked why you needed the money.

The boy still not answer his father, and asked again. " Daddy how much do you earn per hour?"

The father said 20 dollars.

Then the son explained," I had ten dollars. If you give me another ten dollars, I will have 20 dollars.  Can I buy one hour from you tomorrow? So you will come back one hour early to have dinner with me."


Interviewee: MR.Chen JIn

Interviewer:Cheng Yuan