Debbie Riggle

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2008 - Present

Vice President Ancillary Services/ Director Occupaitonal Health

Community Hospital

Member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Direct reports include:  Directors of Respiratory Therapy, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology and Educaiton, Worker's Compensation Manager and Patient Advocate.  Responsible for the Performance Improvement function of the hospital.  In order to keep a clinical perspective, I provide direct patient care as a physical therapist occasionally.

Jun 2007 - Aug 2008

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Community Hospital

I became an interim member of the Senior Leadership team with responsibility to work with the Directors of Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Rehabilitation, Occupational Health, Marketing and Education.I continued to retain the duties of Director of Occupational Health.

Sep 2006 - May 2007

Lead Director Ancillary Services

Community Hospital

In 2006, my responsibility increased to include supervising the Directors of Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Rehabilitation and Occupational Health.The goal of this position is to better coordinate these vital services throughout the organization.I also mentor the directors of these departments to improve their effectiveness.I also retained the duties of Director of Occupational Health during this time.

Nov 2005 - Apr 2007

Director of Rehabilitation/Occupational Health

Community Hospital

In 2004, the Occupational Health department was added to my area of responsibility.This added 5 FTE’s and a new program.Highlights include a significant improvement in financial performance, moving the department to new space and huge increase in demand for this service.

Mar 1996 - Oct 2005

Director of Rehabilitation

Community Hospital

Responsible for inpatient and outpatient operations for Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.Department grew from 12 FTE’s to 20 FTE’s in 7 years.Highlights include improved financial performance, 2 major remodeling projects for the outpatient area, the institution of outcome measures and a strong customer satisfaction program.I also spent 10-20% of my time doing direct patient care with acute inpatients and outpatients.

Nov 1982 - Aug 1996

Staff PT, Co-Director of PT, Quality Improvement Coordinator

Hilltop Rehabilitaiton Hospital

Staff Physical Therapist:Provided inpatient physical therapy with a multidisciplinary team to adults with head injury, stroke and other neurological conditions.Duties included direct care and supervision of aides.Provided home based physical therapy to children ages 0-3 through a multidisciplinary intervention program known as Infant Stimulation that was jointly administered with Mesa Developmental Services.Provided contract physical therapy to Delta School District.

Department Co-Director:Responsible for the operation of the outpatient Physical Therapy Department of 4-5 therapists, 2 support personnel, included budget, personnel management, coordination with Inpatient Director.Maintained a small clinical case load in addition to leadership responsibilities.

Staff Physical Therapist:Provided outpatient physical therapy to a wide variety of adults with orthopedic, neurological and medical conditions.Provided physical therapy to residents of skilled nursing facilities through a contract. Provided Home Health Care to adults.

Quality Improvement Coordinator:Responsible for quality measuring and lead process improvement throughout the entire organization.Assisted to obtain the first JCAHO accreditation for the Rehab Facility.Instituted use of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) for comparative outcome data for Rehabilitation Inpatients. Was also responsible for coordination of outside service contracts with Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Aug 1995 - Mar 1996

Organizaitonal Development

St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center

Hilltop Rehabilitation Hospital was purchased by St. Mary’s.I was on the transition team to help integrate Hilltop operations with St. Mary’s.

Organizational Development:In this department, I worked to institute a data base for all competencies in the hospital


Dec 2008 - Present

Master Business Administration

Western Governors University
Aug 1980 - Sep 1982

Batchelor of Science

California State University, Fresno
Aug 1977 - Jun 1980


California State University, Northridge



Physical Thearpist - clinical

Knowledge of the Healthcare System

Participate in assuring compliance with Joint Commission, CMS and State requirements.  Knowledgeable about billing, reimbursement and healthcare finance.  Act as a liaison between the business and clinical functions of the hospital.  

Managing products and services

Served as Department Director in an autonomous environment.  Knowledgeable about the operation of clinical hospital departments; especially Occupational Health/Employee Health, Laboratory, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy and Pharmacy.  Occasionally take shifts as a Physical Therapist to experience the front line and directly carry out the hospital’s mission. 

Serving Customers

Considerable knowledge about patient satisfaction in healthcare.  Served as the primary contact and trainer for my organization with Press Ganey and HCAHPS results.  Responsible for the Patient Advocate and formal Grievance function.   

Developing Sustainable Solutions

Extensive training and experience with the performance improvement process, structure and teams.  Chairman of Performance Improvement Council, trained and lead PI coaches and team leaders.  Managed remodeling projects.

Leading People and Teams

Skilled leader of leaders. Coached Department Directors in hiring, managing, planning, budgeting and supervision.  Front line supervision experience with rehabilitation professionals .  Member of transition team when a rehabilitation hospital was purchased by larger acute care facility.


To be a contributing, successful member of a Senior Leadership Team for a not-for-profit hospital.