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  • 16 years of piano study (advanced/virtuoso level)
  • 4 years of cello study (advanced level)
  • Intermediate level study of oboe, flute, and violin
  • Experience with leading musical groups
  • Strong, solid performer


Music Performance B.A. and Math Minor                            June 2012

Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa          GPA 3.68


Performance Experience:

  • 2 years in tyhe UCSB Symphony Orchestra
  • 2008,composed and performed folk songs in the Great Ganymede Project
  • 2010-present, performed with the MUM Music Improvisation Group, MUM Contemporary Collective, and MUM Concert Choir
 Notable Teachers:
  • Vahe Hayrikyan (graduate of Moscow Conservatory), studied cello in Los Angeles with-
  • Geoffrey Rutkowski (Music Department Chair and Teacher at University of California, Santa Barbara), studied cello in Santa Barbara with-
  • Richard Rintoul (Faculty/Conductor at UCSB Music Department and the Colburn School of Music, Los Angeles), performed in the UCSB Symphony Orchestra under-
  • Ed Sarath (Music Department Chair and Teacher at Univ. of Michigan and MUM), studied all aspects of music under-
 Relative Work Experience
  • UCSB Arts Library, Music Department (2008-2009)
    • Music Service Desk Attendant
      • Shelved Sheet Music, Music Theory and Literature Books, LPs, CDs, and Video
      • Researched Library Catalog for Music Projects


Music Performance graduate with experience in solo, chamber ensemble,  and orchestra performances in various styles.


You cannot measure one's music ability by simply assessing how many years one has played an instrument or the price of his instrument. Ability is measured in performance. It speaks through one's driving emotions. Without heart, all effort is for naught. And so I pour my heart out in my music and invite you to hear my dreams. Enjoy.

On Improvisation:

The nature of creation lies within all, for all who exist have naturally been created. From silence, sound and form emerge and just as it is our nature to create, true music comes naturally and effortlessly, tapping into the natural pulse and feelings of universe.

On Western Composition:

Just as we recite poems, prayers, scriptures, or any literature with the words of a language, music is recited, performed, and cherished without limit. Compositions explore such deep intention, emotion, feeling, and meaning. A composition is not simply a collection of black dots and lines on paper but a living story in a language that can be understood all over the world. Music has the power to heal, to hurt, to touch, and to pass through barriers and borders. It is through intention that we communicate and manifest our desires, and with strongest and purest intention, the best music is made.