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For the past three decades, Howard Sosna, D.D.S., has provided specialized dental care as an oral surgeon through his private practice in Newton, New Jersey. Dedicated to offering the highest level of care to his patients, Dr. Howard Sosna remains actively involved with multiple professional organizations, which allow him to learn about and implement the latest technologies in his own office. He grants patients access to a full range of procedures, from simple extractions to more complicated tooth implants. In addition, Dr. Sosna performs major and minor bone grafts, oral pathology services, tumor removal, treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders, and jaw surgeries that correct fractures, prepare the jaw for implants, or reconstruct it after severe damage. Understanding that any surgery, even dental surgery, proves a stressful process for many individuals, Dr. Howard Sosna ensures that patients thoroughly understand the procedure and necessary aftercare before he completes any operation. For more information about his practice, visit Howard Sosna, D.D.S., serves on the staff of Newton Memorial Hospital and Saint Clare’s Hospital in Sussex County. In addition, he is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He owns a company that produces new audio equipment, specializing in cables, and has secured two patents for his work. Recreationally, he enjoys taking pictures and playing golf. Often, Dr. Sosna plays in the New Jersey Cancer Society Tournament, which raises money for exploring new avenues of cancer research. In years past, he designed new golf clubs through a company named Sosbuilt, which he sold at various outlets throughout New Jersey and often donated to various charitable causes.

Howard Sosna

Guidelines for Well-being Before and After Dental Surgery

Howard Sosna, DDS, practices dentistry and performs oral surgeries in his Newton, New Jersey, clinic. For more than three decades, Dr. Sosna has focused primarily on his role as an oral surgeon, performing both routine and major mouth surgeries. Dr. Howard Sosna must also ensure patients have followed certain guidelines both prior to and after dental surgery in order to ensure a safe and effective procedure.A patient should avoid eating or drinking anything for at least six hours before surgery. Smoking should be avoided 12 hours ahead and should not be resumed until healing has fully occurred. Patients must arrange to be driven home, as the effects of anesthesia will linger. Furthermore, patients should dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, forgoing jewelry, contacts, and dentures. After surgery, patients should expect certain levels of nausea, swelling, bleeding, bruising, numbness, and pain. Pain relievers may be prescribed to the patient to alleviate some of these symptoms. If symptoms are persistent, patients should contact their dental office. Patients must also fully rest during recovery.Oral hygiene and nourishment will need to be slightly modified after surgery. When eating, patients should chew on the opposite side of their mouths from the surgery site. Foods high in calories and protein will help the body recover, and soft foods are recommended at first. Straws should be avoided, as they may dislodge blood clots and cause bleeding. When cleaning teeth, the brushing should be gentle and should avoid the surgery’s site. For more detailed guidelines, visit

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